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Back in 2013, I created this space to share my passion in food styling and photography. I created recipes, shared my favourite beauty products and my travel experiences. 2 years later after turning Vegan, I continued using this platform and my Youtube Channel to share more about ethical, conscious and plant-based living in Singapore.


My advice to anyone who is interested to switch to a vegan lifestyle is to transition slowly. It may not be an easy path but it's going to be worth it. I often get asked "How did you managed to make the switch?", little did they know I took close to 2 months to give up eggs and Salmon which were my 'staple foods' back then.

Everyone has a different story but we will all be able to achieve our dreams if we work hard enough. Most importantly, never give up on what you have set your mind to do despite what others may say. Do what you love and be happy, always.

Need advice on a Vegan lifestyle? Feel free to reach me at


Graduated with a Diploma in Retail management from Temasek Polytechnic and having a strong interest in Entrepreneurship, I knew I had more to me than sitting behind a office desk for 8 hours a day.

With a leap of faith, I left my full time job and embarked on a journey with no plans in mind but only wanting to make a change in this society (and slowly, the world) by starting Singapore's First Plant-based & Cruelty-Free mart. With the mission of connecting more compassionate brands to consumers and making these products readily available in Singapore, that was how Souley Green started.