Vegan Food Guide in Chiang Mai (Part 2)

In my first 'Vegan Food Guide in Chiang Mai' hereI shared my Top 5 Vegan/Vegan-friendly cafes. As there are many who requested for me to share more about eating in Chiang Mai, I decided to do a Part 2 of this guide.

*Do take note that I visited this city 2 years ago. There may be new cafes or changes that I am unaware of, so please feel free to let me know down in the comments or to my email if there are any changes to be made in this guide.



Located within the allies, Amrita Garden may be a little tricky to look for after sundown. However, once you are there all will be worth it. This quaint little cafe serves organic and Vegan food with produce that is sourced locally. Prices may be higher compared to other cafes in Chiang Mai, but it's because they are serving organic products.

My friends and I sat on the upper deck with minimal light (it was nightfall while we were there). With help from our phone's torchlight and the table candles, we were able to get a few shots of the food but these photos do not do justice to how they taste. Their burgers were delicious but the pasta was a little salty for my liking but nothing to the extreme with it being overloaded with salt.

Overall, still worth a visit if you want something else other than Thai food during your trip.

Amrita Garden
Address: 2/1 Samlan Rd.soi5, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Opening Hours: 1130am - 9pm (Closed on Tuesdays)




Need your fix for burritos or salsa chips? The guys at Ole Gourmet has got your back! This is another highly reviewed cafe in Chiang Mai, just opposite the road from 'Street Pizza and The Wine Houzz' mentioned in Part 1 of my guide. This place is not Vegan or Vegetarian but they have tons of options. Simply tell the staff that you want your food to be Veganized - easy peasy! Their burrito has quite a good serving size and would be best recommend to share with someone if you are on a food trail that day. Ole Gourmet is also kinda your cheaper alternative to Guzman Y Gomez

Just take note of the opening hours (as below) to avoid being faced with disappointment if you are there early for lunch. They only open at 2pm everyday.

Ole Gourmet Mexican
Address: 88 Thapae Road, Chang Moi, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Opening Hours: Mondays: 2pm-5pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays: 2pm-10pm, Closed on Sundays



Maya Mall_02.jpg

Many people actually flocked to this store back in 2016 but I am not too sure about it now. There was this crazy obsession among the community over the steamed spring rolls (and I was unashamedly one of those people obsessed with it!). Because of the Thai Fruit Fest back then, the owner of this stall would prepare most of the dishes without oil and lesser salt to suit the festival goers taste buds. Good choice for a healthy and affordable meal.

My favourite dishes were the kang kong, kway teow and of course, steamed spring rolls.

It is also rather convenient to stay in this area because there is a supermarket in the basement of the mall, so you can always come by here to grab your necessities.

MAYA Mall Food Centre
Address: Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand
Opening Hours: *Not stated*




My roommate and I chanced upon this initially when our Songthaew (red cab) driver dropped us off at the wrong destination. There was this man sitting outside the store, giving us the thumbs up and prompting us to step into the shop. And we were glad we did just that.

The restaurant has a very cosy vibe and the food has a home-cooked style with hardly any oil or salt. I believe they also offer cooking classes so you can check them out if you are interested to learn Thai cooking. Without a doubt, I went for Pad Thai. It arrived in a really generous serving with an amazing peanut sauce on top. However, my favourite Pad Thai is still from Imm Aim (and again, mentioned in Part 1 of my guide)

Morning Glory
Address: Prapokkloa Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Opening Hours: 9AM - 9PM every day except Sundays (5pm-9pm)




Pun Pun is rather far-off from the main city (the square above where 'The Phae Gate' is on the perimeters) but still worth a visit if you are willing to travel there. It is behind 'Wak Suan Dok' temple so you may get a little lost when trying to find this restaurant because you have to walk deep in from the temple gates. Also, they close before dinner, so do ensure to check the time before you are heading down.

As the name suggests, they serve organic food at an inexpensive price. Food is beyond words (in a good way), however service can be slow especially when there is a huge crowd. I loved the Pineapple Curry with a side of naan - despite the name and combination, this place actually made the taste of both blend well together.

Check out 'Ice Love You' which is walking distance from Pun Pun, where they serve Vegan Ice Cream. 

Pun Pun Organic Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: 6/1 Moo 1, Suthep Road | Wat Suan Dok (Temple), Chiang Mai 50200,Thailand
Opening Hours: 9AM - 4PM everyday




To be frank, my friends and I only came here for the brownie which I highly recommend. They serve homemade ice cream for this dessert - you can choose between vanilla and coconut. The brownies are baked to perfection; chocolate-y and dense! Great place for big groups to hang out and dine at.

Taste From Heaven
Address: 34/1 Ratmakka Road (opposite Ratmakka Soi 1), Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Opening Hours: 830am - 10pm Everyday

And that concludes the last of all the cafes I recommend in Chiang Mai. It is a beautiful city full of culture and historic sites that I would love to return to again one day. Let me know which are your favourites if you have been there and if there are any cafes that are highly recommended which I left out. Hopefully, I will get to travel to Ubud soon and document my travels here!