A Short Getaway to The Land of Smiles

Going to Bangkok has been on my 'Countries To-Go' list for a really really long time. The first time i was there, i was merely less than 10 years old. I could hardly remember anything. Years flew pass and Bangkok became a shopping destination for many foreigners, especially Singaporeans. I knew i had to go there one day, but the question was when.My mum and i made a very impromptu decision 3 weeks ago to book flights to Bangkok. We started comparing ticket prices and settled for Singapore Airlines (SIA). Lucky for us, SIA was having a '2 to go' super deal, and our tickets cost us $599 in total. Indeed a super deal i would say. I did not get to snap much pictures of the beautiful city because i was mainly shopping indoors. Only on my last day, when i visited the weekend market (chatuchak), i managed to get some shots. I also vlogged a bit so stay tuned for the video coming up soon :)

Travelling overseas as a vegan may be rather challenging as many would say. Even tho i did some research on vegan eateries in Bangkok, considering the language barrier and how unfamiliar i was with the street names, it was mission impossible.Thankfully, the locals understand what 'vegetarian' is. Even if you step into a restaurant that does not serve a vegetarian menu, simply tell them that you're vegetarian and the dish you ordered would be plant based. No eggs, no dairy. However, just to be safe, remind them that you do not want any egg in your dish. So far, all the places i dined at managed to get my order correct so i was pretty contented.

Chiang Mai however, would be a better city for vegans to visit. Plenty of fruits and vegan cafes available for you everywhere. One reason why i would really love to attend the Thai fruit festival at Chiang Mai next year. P.s: Anyone who's interested to go, please holla at me :) I'm so jealous and envy of everyone who went this year!

Everything was ridiculously cheap - even room service was so affordable!! Even dining at food courts would cost max SGD$3 per person. I wish food prices in Singapore were that cheap :( We weren't so adventurous with the street food since I know it would not be to my favour. But i had countless servings of mango sticky rice! It's a must try!!!

Since it was more of a shopping cum relaxation trip, my mum and i would shop from 11am till 7/8pm, have our dinner before making our way back to the hotel. Luckily for us, there's a spa and massage place in our hotel, so we both did a massage on our last night. I was never fond of it because i'm very ticklish but it was bearable, i even fell asleep! Spent a total of $320+ on apparels, shoes, bags and little trinkets :)

Spent the morning at Chatuchak before heading to the airport to catch our flight back. Bangkok has been truly amazing and i can't believe it has been 2 weeks. Time is passing way too fast! It's already July....

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