We are currently living in an era where animals are exploited in the most inhumane way. We see them as food, wear them on our skins and even use them to be our ‘guinea pigs’ for cosmetics.

In order to put a stop to such torture, we have to show our support towards brands that are in the Animal Cruelty-Free movement, and refrain from buying products from companies who are oblivious to what’s going on (it’s 2016 guys – time to step up!)

As girls sometimes we do prefer the air-brushed look after applying our foundation, and of course applying with our fingers will not give us that outcome. Here are a few brands that I found which you can try out:




I am sure most of you would be familiar with this brand. I own a few brushes myself and I usually purchase them from iherb. I love how quick they dry compared to Sigma brushes (which I will talk about later)

My most-used from their range is the ‘blush brush’ to apply my bronzer and powder. I also heard good reviews about their beauty sponge, but have yet to give that a try. If any of you have, do let me know your thoughts on it.




Ecotools is another brand that is highly spoken about in the beauty scene. Their products are 100% cruelty-free, feature recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo.

I remember using their foundation brush when I was first introduced to makeup. Unfortunately, I misplaced my brush while travelling overseas and never gone back to repurchasing it now that I hardly ever apply makeup.

Ecotools is easier to find in local drugstores like Watsons and Guardians.




INIKA is a 100% vegan cosmetic brand. Other than brushes they have makeup that are made from natural ingredients. This is from Australia, so you do have to pay slightly more for shipping if you based outside of Australia.


What are your favourite cruelty-free/vegan makeup brushes? Do let me know down in the comments :)