Animal Cruelty Free / Vegan Beauty Products

‘Beauty’ is a topic that I hardly touch on because I don’t feel like I’m a professional in this aspect. However, I have been getting a few questions on the brands of beauty products that I use or would recommend to girls out there, so I thought I’d share everything in this post. Since being vegan, it may feel as though it’s difficult to find vegan or animal cruelty free products, but I am telling you now that this isn’t true. Just research carefully on the brands and companies if they do animal testing or watch out for labels on the products. Usually, you are able to get one whole list online on the brands that test on animals.

ATBHDid you know in China, it is by law that all products that are being sold in their country has to go through animal testing (say what?!)

Okay, that aside I am going to share with you the products that I am currently using:

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been using Nature’s Gate shampoo and conditioner because they only contain natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Since suffering from acne-prone skin, I find that using shampoo and conditioners that do not contain sulfates or parabens helps in controlling acne.

Many are not aware of this but, while rinsing off shampoo or conditioner, it may tend to get on your face too. Hence, if the product contains any harsh chemicals, it might also cause you to break out.

A little tip would be to always wash your face in the shower after washing your hair, to ensure that all this chemicals from your shampoos do not remain on your face after you shower. I find that this method really helps in controlling my acne. But be sure not to use hot/warm water on your face! This may worsen your acne condition.

You can easily find ‘Nature’s Gate’ from iherb or if you’re residing in Singapore, you can find them at Ntuc Fairprice Finest. The outlet at bedok mall sells it

  • Face Wash

Now speaking of face wash, I have tried countless number of different brands to counter aid my acne and what I have learnt through this ‘expensive’ lesson is to stop switching products as and when you like. Stick to it for a least half a year before switching (if need be)

Your skin takes at least 3 months to allow a product to show results on your face and it also takes at least 1 month for new cells on your skin to grow. If the products used on your face are constantly changing, this may cause stress to your skin because of the different ingredients used in the products that your face needs to absorb. Stress on the skin can also lead to breakouts.


I have been using ‘AZ clear action’ since my first visit to my dermatologist back when I was only 11. For a few years, this was the only product that I’ve stuck with. Then when my breakouts got worse, I felt like I needed a stronger cleanser and went to buy products that contain tea tree oil. For a good few months, it was okay. Then my skin broke out worst.

Since then, I’ve been changing up products frequently, trying to find one that could minimize acne growth on my skin. But I always find myself gravitating back towards this face wash by ‘Ego’. It does not break me out at all and I find that it’s a very simple gentle cleanser.

You can easily find this product in unity. I haven’t seen them in Watsons/Guardian around the East side of Singapore – unfortunately.

  • Body Scrubs

Everyone loves a good pamper session – who doesn’t? I personally do scrubs at least once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells on my body. For a good amount of time, I have been using body scrubs from ‘The Body Shop’. And recently, I chanced upon ‘Handmade Heroes’ on Zalora.

‘Handmade Heroes’ - All natural, free of preservative and parabens, completely vegan and cruelty free. And I was even surprised that they are a company based in Singapore.


Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.56.20 pmYou can easily purchase it from ‘Sephora Beauty Collection‘ on Zalora. If you were to navigate around ‘Sephora Beauty Collection’, you would notice that most of the brands do not do animal testing (yay thumbs up) They also sell makeup brushes etc online so girls, if you need a change on your makeup set, you know where to go ;)

I hope this was helpful to those who are in search of animal cruelty-free products! Remember to apply sun-screen too ladies!! P.s: I haven’t found a good sun-screen brand that would not break me out, so once I’ve found one, I’d share it with you all.