Boxgreen - Healthy Snack Delivery in Singapore

Everyone loves a good healthy snack, but do they really know what's healthy and what's not? With Boxgreen, you will never have to doubt the snacks which get delivered right to your doorstep! Forget about munching away on potato chips while lazing on your couch, or sinking into a tub of ice cream if you need a perk-me-up treat. Stock up on healthier snacks in your home so you will never fall off the wagon.

If you have been following me for a while, you'd have seen my posts on Boxgreen last year :) Since then, they have introduced tons of new snacks to their pantry! So now, there are tons of options for you to choose from.

Remember to update your pantry monthly to be able to try the other snacks offered.


Notice the new packaging? They now come in super cute one-serving size packets!

The nutritional value of every snack would usually be listed out on the back. So, if you're cautious of your fat and sodium content, don't fret.

I started working with Boxgreen before I went Vegan, but even after turning Vegan, I found that their snacks are really Vegan-friendly. I would usually go for the veggie chips or mix clusters. Also, all the ingredients would be listed at the back so you'd know what's in your pack ;)


Veggie Chips x Apple Crisps x Pistachios

If you aren't a great big fan of vegetables, I reckon you'd still love the chips. They don't taste like vegetables at all, and plus this is perfect for those 3pm wake-me-up snacks in the office. I would usually grab some of these when I'm hungry.

But, do remember to hydrate yourself and drink tons of water when snacking on these chips! They can get really heaty so it's good to hydrate if you don't want to come down with a sore throat.


Since CNY is around the corner, you are also able to serve your guests with BOXGREEN's snacks since they do come in single serving now ;) Definitely much healthier than your traditional kueh lapis or egg rolls! BOXGREEN is also having frequent discount codes and giveaways on their Instagram and Facebook page, so do follow them to keep updated with the latest news!