Boxgreen - Healthy Snack Delivery in Singapore

Everyone loves a good healthy snack, but do they really know what's healthy and what's not? With Boxgreen, you will never have to doubt the snacks which get delivered right to your doorstep! Forget about munching away on potato chips while lazing on your couch, or sinking into a tub of ice cream if you need a perk-me-up treat. Stock up on healthier snacks in your home so you will never fall off the wagon.

If you have been following me for a while, you'd have seen my posts on Boxgreen last year :) Since then, they have introduced tons of new snacks to their pantry! So now, there are tons of options for you to choose from.

Remember to update your pantry monthly to be able to try the other snacks offered.


Notice the new packaging? They now come in super cute one-serving size packets!

The nutritional value of every snack would usually be listed out on the back. So, if you're cautious of your fat and sodium content, don't fret.

I started working with Boxgreen before I went Vegan, but even after turning Vegan, I found that their snacks are really Vegan-friendly. I would usually go for the veggie chips or mix clusters. Also, all the ingredients would be listed at the back so you'd know what's in your pack ;)


Veggie Chips x Apple Crisps x Pistachios

If you aren't a great big fan of vegetables, I reckon you'd still love the chips. They don't taste like vegetables at all, and plus this is perfect for those 3pm wake-me-up snacks in the office. I would usually grab some of these when I'm hungry.

But, do remember to hydrate yourself and drink tons of water when snacking on these chips! They can get really heaty so it's good to hydrate if you don't want to come down with a sore throat.


Since CNY is around the corner, you are also able to serve your guests with BOXGREEN's snacks since they do come in single serving now ;) Definitely much healthier than your traditional kueh lapis or egg rolls! BOXGREEN is also having frequent discount codes and giveaways on their Instagram and Facebook page, so do follow them to keep updated with the latest news!


Handmade Heroes - Vegan, All Natural Skincare Review

When it comes to skin care, we are all very particular about the brand we use. For example, sticking to a brand that works well on your skin and being hesitant to try another - sounds familiar?

For me, I am always willing to invest in skin care, especially since suffering from acne. I have tried various drugstore brands to 'high-end' brands, and I found that what works best for my skin is one which contains the least ingredients, and also as natural as possible.

Since being Vegan, I have been on a lookout for natural and cruelty-free products. The moment I found out about Handmade Heroes, I was SUPER excited. They are a local company based in Singapore, founded by Lynsey, a Vegan herself, so of course she knows her stuff ;)


All natural, free of preservative and parabens, completely vegan and cruelty free. Handmade Heroes makes skin care how all skin care product should be made. Away from a chemical lab, using the simplicity of the finest natural ingredients, Handmade Heroes products are nourishing and gentle on the skin.

Handmade Heroes sent me their products a few months ago, and after trying them out, I am finally drafting this review :)

All opinions are 100% true and I am definitely not being paid to say any of this. I have mentioned before tons of times that I would only work with brands I like/have a good cause and would never accept paid sponsorships if I don't like them.

The first product you would have seen on my Instagram - the 'Beauty Warrior Face Mask'.


Among all, this is my favourite product from Handmade Heroes. I love how it feels on my face and my skin is so soft after! There will be this tingling feeling on your face after applying it for a few minutes, before it starts to tighten slightly.

When rinsing it off, it also acts as a gentle exfoliator. I find that 1 scoop is enough for my entire face :) Don't rinse it off when it dries completely because then, it will be rather tedious to remove.

Coco-Friggin' Fantastic Lip Tint (French Rose) leaves your lips moisturized thanks to the coconut oil and cocoa butter in it. I am not a great big fan of red lips, so this is just right for me. It gives your lips a slight red tint, but it does not last long.

Coco-Friggin' Fantastic Lipbalm was actually given to me by my friend for Christmas. I actually prefer this to the lip tint because of the mint in it :)

Coco-Licious Luscious Lip Scrub is great for those days when you feel like your lips need extra exfoliation. The first time I used this, I found it quite hard to get the product out because it hardens together. I would just do little swirls with my ring finger, get the product on my lips, and lick it off after :)

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo is HANDS DOWN the best dry shampoo I have tried. I have used other drug-store brands before and it always leaves a white residue on my head making it seem like I have dandruff *rolls eyes*

I did not get that with this dry shampoo and I also like the smell of it :) I have quite oily hair, especially on second-day hair, but this helps control the oil and doesn't make my hair look greasy.

There is also a ton of other products on their website, so do check it out. They are really affordable and worth it! Now you don't have to fork out extra expenses to ship vegan skincare from across the globe ;)

Handmade Heroes

Rummaging through 'intheBOX'

Rummaging through this month's box from intheBOX - a quarterly wellness subscription box and it never fails to disappoint me. You will expect most subscription boxes to throw in only sample packs for you to try, but it's different with intheBOX. This quarter's box was filled with a handful of full sized items to try and that excites me. All of the items in the box are usually made with natural and organic ingredients - worth your every penny :)

The first item I took out was this body lotion from africa organics. It's a little sweet smelling, however, it's not overpowering. I love how it's vegan too! It's also convenient to bring around, and it'll definitely be in my bag wherever I go because I have really really dry hands.

Coconut oil from island of coconuts. Did you know, other than using coconut oil for cooking, you can use it on your face, body and hair too? I heard it acts as a really good moisturizer + hair treatment oil. I have yet to try it, but I do love the fragrant smell of coconut oil when I cook. It's much healthier than using regular canola/olive oil as well!

A pure olive oil soap bar from so true naturals. This kept my box smelling really fresh! I find that it smells similar to those soap bars you get in your hotel bathrooms hehe, or maybe it's just me. It's only made from one ingredient, so you don't have to worry about any sulphates and other chemicals being put onto your body.

Other bathroom necessities include this colour conserve shampoo by AVEDA. I don't have coloured hair, so I am giving this to my mum. From their site, it claims to be made with 100% organic aroma, definitely keeping your coloured mane shiny.

Other items include these tea packs from honey spree. Different tea packs have different functions - I received one which aids in tummy aches and the other, for easy digestion. Since I don't take honey, I'm giving this too, to my mum who often have tummy aches. Perfect :)

This body polish by Bali Mama smells of real frangipani flowers and it’s suuuuper creamy (you can tell from the picture below) But it also acts a bit like an exfoliating lotion or body butter.

You will also get different coupons and discount vouchers from various brands. Isn't it amazing how everything can fit into ONE box?!? If you are interested to get one yourself, head on over to intheBOX to subscribe today!

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Flo Tea

Remember the picture above that I posted on my Instagram (@jaslyngoh) a while back? Well, today I am going to share with you about Flo and their wonderful blends of tea :) "Flo was founded by tea and tisane lovers to bring to you the wonders of dried flowers in a cup. Each blend handcrafted by Flo is inspired by the little things in life- fine mornings, a poem, the sea breeze among other things. Let our tea tell you stories while enjoying the many health benefits in each cup. Here, we believe that you should be able to see what you consume - Flo's blends are made of 100% pure and whole herbs with no preservatives or colourants added so you can be assured that you are drinking only the very best"

I believe my fellow readers like me, will always support a brand that uses natural ingredients, thus I believe you will love Flo as much as I do.

1. Blueberry Fields


After I spotted 'Blueberries' on Flo's site, I knew I had to get this. I'm a huge berry fan! It was slightly sweet, and you could taste the slight tint of blueberries. Other than blueberries, this blend contains dried flowers, blueberries, blackcurrant and grapes. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this refreshing beverage while enjoying the benefits of vitamins and antioxidants from the fruits. I followed the instructions on the kraft packaging to steep the blend at 97-100˚C for 3-5 minutes.

I admit, I do have sweet tooth, and I would always need to have fruits after my meals. Hence, this tea went perfect with my lunch that day :)

2. Daydream


What intrigued me to get this blend was the ingredients - Calendula, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, verbena, dried lemon peel, forget-me-not flower. Such an interesting blend with flowers and my favourite, chamomile. And on Flo's website, this blend has a few benefits, one of which included improvement in skin. Of course of course, I had to get what would help with my skin.


This blend was slightly minty, and it made me feel refreshed when I had a cup in the morning. You have to smell this blend, it's amazing!

3. People's Tea


I love drinking tea, especially green tea. My everyday night routine consists of me, having one cup of green tea before heading to bed. When I saw this blend, I thought it was rather interesting. It is green tea with a twist - with lightly roasted undertones. People who are adventurous, or who are already fans of green tea, would love this blend. In my opinion, this blend is perfect before bed time.

4. Rosa Kurocha



The Flo team kindly send me this blend as a 'Thank you' gift, and they mentioned it is one of their favourites. I can tell why.

With a hint of rose, it is light and refreshing. This blend also tastes like those teas that are served to you after facials or spas *laughs at myself* Forgive me, I'm not the best at describing food and drinks, but honestly, this tea would make you feel more relaxed after a busy day.

Flo has 8 different blends on their site, and you can choose to purchase them in kraft bag ($7) or the tea jar ($12). It makes 5 cups and 12 cups respectively. All their blends are of a unique mix, which I thought deserves multiple thumbs up! Additionally, with such affordable prices, I can't see a reason why you would not love Flo. With  no preservatives or colourants added into their blend, you can definitely be assured that you are drinking the best. After drinking all the teas, I have to say my favourite is 'Daydream'.

Check them out: Website Facebook Instagram

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Stay Healthy This CNY With Boxgreen

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you! I hope everyone is having  a lovely time, catching up with their extended family, relatives and friends. During this festive period, it is very difficult to stay committed to your 'clean' lifestyle and diet. You are bound to be faced with loads of traditional Chinese New Year snacks and mouth-watering dishes prepared by the host. It's alright to eat one or two, but remember not to over indulge in them. You may have seen this image below, telling you the calories of the various Chinese New Year goodies, circling around social media sites.

CNY snacks calorie

It takes loads of self discipline to stay away from all these snacks. Likewise for me, I would let myself have a maximum of two pieces of love letters, and I did not beat myself up because of that. I still wake up early every morning to do my workout, before heading out.

If you find it tough to stay away from these snacks that are high in fats and sugar, allow Boxgreen to help you out :) Like every month, you will receive four packets of amazing packed snacks. These snacks differ each month and they never disappoint!



And of course, sticking to the theme of the month, there will be a packet of Madarin Orange and Dark Chocolate Granola by Eastern Granola. I believe this is an exclusive flavour for this month :)  It already smelled so good when I ripped open the packet!!


Not forgetting the dark chocolate chips in there ;)

Of course, everybody loves their share of pineapple tarts, especially those that are homemade. However, they can have a strong butter taste to them (which turns me off) With Boxgreen, you can ditch those tarts, but still get your fair share of pineapples by having.....



PINEAPPLE RINGS!!! This would definitely be a better alternative to your traditional pineapple tarts :) I have a strong feeling I will be eating this with my oats, because why not?


Yay! Another packet of crisps?!?! Yes please?? This time round, these are soya crisps. Instead of reaching out for that bottle of Pringles, reach out to this packet of soya crisps instead! They are more nutritious than potato chips, making it a better and healthier alternative.

Did you know, on the 26th ofFebrauary is National Pistachio Day? (Thank you for the heads up Boxgreen!) So don't forget to have a fair share of pistachios on this day! Pistachios contain lots of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K!


Want a box for yourself? Simply head over to Boxgreen  and subscribe today! Boxgreen also kindly extended a discount code 'jaslyn20%off' for all my lovely readers and followers, so remember to use this code to get 20% your purchase upon checking out!

Have a great CNY!

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January Signature BOX by intheBOX

Subscription boxes are everywhere right now! From beauty boxes, to lifestyle boxes and even snack boxes...the options are endless. You may be familiar withintheBOX's Signature boxes that has been featured a few times on my blog. Each quarter, the team behind intheBOX carefully curates a selection of high quality, natural, healthy and eco-conscious products to help introduce a little more wellbeing into your life. Packed full of products carefully chosen for their good ingredients, integrity, effectiveness and absolutely no nasties.


In this box, you will get mini samples or full sized items from various brands that will complement your healthy lifestyle. I love such subscription boxes because you get to discover new brands, and also try their products before purchasing the full size product ;)


'To Drink'

1. Black Soy Milk - Unisoy 2. Organic Blue Pea Cider - Organi 3. Peruvian Mint Tea - Namasteas 4. Discount Voucher for Joogo Juice cleanse

If you like soy milk, you will like this black soy milk from Unisoy. It does not have a distinct taste, but do stir it well! My mum loves this too :) I am excited to try Namasteas's mint tea. I am a huge tea lover!


'To Eat'

5. Coconut Palm Sugar - Big Tree Farms 6. Deep Pink Himalayan Salt - Stephen James

Did you know, you are able to use both of these ingredients if you intend to bake something healthy? As coconut palm sugar is a natural sweetener derived from the coconut palm tree, it is a great alternative to refined sugars. The deep pink Himalayan salt is also one of the healthiest salt available in the market.


'To Use'

7. Multi Strap - MADANA 8. Mojito cooling shower gel - Nicole's natural 9. Natural Lipbalm - Anahata Living 10. Soy wax candle - BsaB

So, in this category, you are able to find items that you can use to supplement your lifestyle. For any yogis and runners out there, you would be pleased to know that you will receive a multi strap by MADANA. It can help you with your stretches, poses and also, carry your mat around ;) I am in LOVE with the soy wax candle! It already smells so great even before lighting it up!


Among all these goodies, you will also find many other vouchers and gift coupons that you are able to use. If leading a healthier lifestyle is one of your New Year's resolutions, this box would definitely help you get started. Know a friend that's a health enthusiast? This box would be the best gift you are able to present to them :)

For more info, you can click over to

You can also purchase the products individually on their site at

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Thanks to BOXGREEN, I am always stocked with healthy snacks at home. In case you missed it, I filmed another un-boxing video for January's box on my Youtube channel (video below)

I thought it'd be interesting if i switched things up a little this month. So, I got two of my friends to film this video with me. Both of them are not clean eaters like I am. Therefore, snacking healthy or eating healthy was never in their 'dictionary'. But, hanging out with me often has definitely influenced them (hehe) and change their lifestyle a little (yay) They're starting to consume lesser oily foods. One of them started eating oats for breakfast and the other is currently obsessed with avocados. It's lovely seeing my friends switch to a healthier lifestyle. And I'm glad they're willing to make the switch step by step.

In the video, we stated our honest views and opinions of the snacks in this month's box. I was glad to see something different - vegetable chips! And both packets were my absoulte favourite! I need more :(

And like I said in the video, I was never a fan of apricots. So, it was my first time eating it in the video. And it didn't turn out to be as bad as i thought it would (phew)

If you'd like to get your very own box, head over to You can get 50% off your first box by entering 'jaslyn50%' at checkout :)

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November's intheBOX

Christmas is round the corner and if you haven't found the perfect gift for your loved ones, stop searching - November's intheBOX is the perfect gift! With everything from food, lifestyle, cosmetics and personal care, intheBOX has got you covered. Not forgetting, this quarter's BOX smelled super good so you'll definitely know there's something awesome in there ;) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Each quarter, you will receive 8 different brands, each with a different category including the ones mentioned above. I have already given a brief introduction of intheBOX before here: so i shall not repeat myself :) Read below to find out what's included in this quarter's BOX...


The first item that greeted me was a vegan chocolate chip cookie by Lenny and Larry's. Since it's vegan it does not contain and dairy (perfect for me) or eggs. Can't wait to bite into it! Based on their website, there are other flavours too including pumpkin, peanut butter, double chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.


I have always been a tea over coffee person and definitely a green tea lover. This is an ideal tea to accompany any meal - Simply brew this tea at about 65-70°C for 50 seconds during the first infusion. The second and third infusion can be done at 15 and 30 seconds respectively.


This is a shower gel and lotion pack from COMO. Definitely smells great! Can't wait to slab on that lotion on my super duper dry skin *yikes*


Have you heard of a mouldable aromatherapy dough? Well neither have i till i saw this by Sunyata. They are developed by cleverly harnessing the benefits of Touch therapy, Colour therapy and Aromatherapy to create a versatile well-being product that works. There are 9 different scents and mine is calm. Comes in handy especially when i'll be swamped with my final year project next month onwards...


A heat balm made locally here in Singapore by Theo 10. It's 100% natural and it helps with people who are suffering from eczema. It can also be used on insect bites and minor burns. It smells spicy like how a heat balm would smell. I have used this on the mozzie bites i got (it's crazy i have around 6 bites on my leg - am i too sweet?) and it really prevented me from scratching them like crazy.


This soy wax melt by Artisan's Garden is the sole reason why your box is smelling so fine. If they are still in their solid form and they are already smelling so great, can you imagine if you melt them? I'm not even exaggerating this.


I have never heard of moringa powder but i am quite excited to add this into my green smoothies! According to analysis, the powdered leaves of moringa tree contain 46 types of antioxidants. One serving, in fact, contains 22 percent of our recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C, and a whopping 272 percent of our RDI of vitamin A. Regularly consuming moringa leaves has also been linked to lower blood pressure, improved digestion and mood, immune-boosting effects, lower fat and calorie levels and aids in weight loss.

Moringa powder can be added to smoothies, curries, sauces or consumed directly in a glass of water or by making a tea. It does have a leafy spinach like taste when eaten raw. The leafy taste reduces when cooked.



The last item in my box is this silver heart tin from Makeroom. It has that rustic feel to it and i love it! I'm going to store my accessories in it or find a way to make this as a pretty display.


If you haven't already subscribed to intheBOX, you ought to. You can opt for the one-time subscription ($49) or the yearly subscription ($160/4 boxes). Want to send it as a gift? Simply purchase the gift box, add in your personal message, and intheBOX will get everthing done for you - fuss free :)

If you would like to purchase any of the items in this box, you can buy them here.

Website: Email: Facebook:

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