Guest Post: Agata (Doitforapancake) & 2 Vegan Recipes

I do not specialise in creating any form of recipes for any special diets but there's one particular thing that i can never be successful with. Vegan pancakes. As you can tell from my Instagram over the weekends, i experimented with ingredients to create vegan pancakes. They look okay on the outside but there wasn't much flavour to it and i can't figure what's missing. Perhaps banana? Thankfully dear Agata agreed on doing a guest post and she is going to share 2 well-liked recipes of hers. Her chickpea balls and vegan recipes :)

----- Hello fellows!

My name's Agata but you probably all know me as a crazy instagram food photographer - @doitforapancake... - yeah, the one who's always complaining about bad lighting, not enough food in the fridge or bad looking pancakes. Oh, and also the one who tells these not so funny jokes. And God knows what else. Sounds totally like me. BUT today I am not here to complain *uff, thanks Agata!*, I'm here because my lovely instagram friend - Jaslyn - asked me to write a guest blog post for her! Actually, she asked me to do this a long time ago but well, you know, my name's Agata... (ok, sorry, not complaining anymore!) Anyway, I want to tell you something about myself, my healthy instagram journey and my marvelous recipes (see? I'm so positive) - here we go!

Friends call me "Guta", on 26th of October I am turning 15, I was born in Poland - basic informations. My instagram journey began in January this year (actually I started caring about my instagram in April or May) but I've been really into this healthy lifestyle since October 2012. I was not even 13, I was a fat, silly, funny girl who loved junk food and fatty lunches/dinners. But I hated my body. And I needed to change that. So I went on a diet (not really healthy, I was eating too small) and I lost 20kgs in the course of 4 months. To be honest I don't want to talk about these times because I had no energy or joy to live my life. So my REAL health journey began in January this year :)

What else to say? Maybe things I love? I love travelling. Going abroad and seeing all these amazing places gives me power and happiness. I love cooking, watching movies under the blanket, reading (oops I am really into those books for teenagers haha. But also crime stories, horrors, fantasy books and even poetry), hanging out with my friends and cooking for them. I love pancakes and peanut butter (A LOT of pancakes and peanut butter). I love this instagram community. I had a chance to talk and chat with a lot of wonderful people here and actually I wish someday I will be able to meet them in real life! And there's one thing about me that I really hate. I hate the thing that I hate tomatoes. They are so pretty and this red tomato colour is the one missing on my pictures haha!

Anyway, I prepared for you two amazing recipes, I hope you'll love them too!


Ingredients: 1 can chickpeas (400g), drained 2tsp barley grass superfood (it's not a popular thing so you can miss this one or add powdered paprika instead) basil, oregano, pepper, salt or any spices you'd like to use Optional: a few tabasco drops

Directions: Preheat your oven to 180 degress Celsius Blend all ingredients in a food processor or by a hand blender until you get a thick, sticky mass Split the mass into several (I make 6) small parts and roll each one into a ball Bake for 25 minutes Enjoy!

*Here are my barley grass chickpea balls with avo, baked potato wedges and a carrot. Delicious! :)*


Dry ingredients: 45g buckwheat flour +10 g coconut flour (you can take 55g buckwheat) 1tbsp coconut sugar 1/3tsp baking soda 1/3tsp baking powder Optional: cacao for chocolate flavour/maca powder/ carob powder/cinnamon

Wet ingredients: 1/2 cup plant-based milk 1 chia egg (1tbsp chia seeds + 3tbsp water left in the fridge to thicken)

Directions: Mix dry and wet ingredients in separate bowl Now form "a hole" in the middle of dry ingredients, then pour wet ingredients into Slowly stir until most of the batter is incorporated but don't overmix! It's okay if the batter has a few lumps Warm the pan over medium heat with a small amount of coconut oil When it's really hot, start making your pancakes Use 1/4 cup measurement or 1 heaping tbsp of batter for one pancake Wait 2 minutes until bubbles appear on your pancake, then flip and cook for another minute or two Repeat with next pancakes, stack them up and top with everything you want Enjoy!

*Maca vegan pancakes topped with banana-berry mousse, Squarebar squares, blueberries, and banana!*

Hugs and kisses, Agata