Guest Post: Lama Amine (Fruitmagnet) & Tomato Stew Recipe

In some of my blog posts, i always said that i'm thankful for being able to "meet" a few lovely girls from Instagram and i was so glad that some of whom i've approached agreed to do a little write-up to tell you, my lovely readers more about themselves and also share with you their amazing recipes. These girls are beyond talented and they are also drop-dead gorgeous (not kidding, just look at their profiles) and i really hope one day i'll be able to meet them in real life... Perhaps it's time to rob a bank (kidding... or not?)

So today, i'll introduce to you guys the lovely Lama Amine, also known as Fruitmagnet on Instagram. Check out her feed here. You would not believe that this sweet little pea is only 15 years old! Talk about determination and inspiring.

*Rolls the red carpet*

Hello everyone! My names Lama Amine. I live in middle east/Lebanon so i'm arabic. Two years ago i spent my time sitting around overeating on only junk food nothing else and i was always sick, feeling bad inside out! I used to treat my body like trash and one day i decided that was going to change and thats when my lifestyle changed.

After i started eating healthier i stumbled across a few foodie accounts and i loved the idea and thought why not start my posting my own pictures as well. You may ask who/what are my inspirations to healthy living... Instagram foodie accounts definitely motivate and inspire me! But honestly most of the time i am my own motivation. Everyone has their own favourite go-to meals and for breakfast, mine is definitely overnight oats. For lunch it would be rice paper rolls (contain quinoa and any veggies) and for dinner i have a super salad (throw any veggie in sight in a bowl with ajvar)

Here's a little tip to those of you who wish to start eating clean/maintaining a healthy diet - Set specific fitness goals! (This helped me a lot) Also do a kitchen clean up! It will be hard at first but nothing is easy.

And of course, a gust post would not be complete without a recipe. Here's Lama's recipe for her Tomato Stew! Doesn't it look so delectable?

Tomato Stew Makes 1 serving

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes 1 tsp pizza spice 1/4 diced onion 1/2c peas broccoli 1 diced sweet potato 1/2c chick pea

Directions: Cut the top of the of the tomato and cross the bottom in an 'x' symbol Place the tomatoes in a pot and bring to a boil Meanwhile chop your veggies or tidy your kitchen up a bit When the tomatoes are done peal them and place them in a food processor (with 1/2c of extra water) After that place everything in a pan on low/med heat until the the water/tomato sauce is mostly gone and serve