Hearty Vegan Finds in Singapore

A vegan, let alone a vegetarian cafe along the streets of Singapore is such a rare sight as compared to countries such as Thailand and Taiwan. It will be easier to find vegetarian stores in hawker centres or coffee shops, but I can guarantee that the food sold there will be dumped in oil, and most of the time reeeeally salty. It's like your typical economic mixed rice store where you choose 3 dishes with rice/noodles.Β And I hate how I'm unable to request for "less oil and salt" because they cook the food in bulk. Therefore, such stores are a no-go for me. Therefore, I decided to start this 'series' on my blog, where I'll be blogging/reviewing the various vegan/vegetarian restaurants that I've been to. I thought it'll be a great way to spread the vegan message here in Singapore :)

If you've any recommendations/suggestions of places for me to try, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email. It'll be my pleasure to head down and give me honest thoughts and reviews hehe.

The first place that i'd be blogging about is....

Stay tuned ;)