Brownice Italian Bistro (Part 1)

When you head back to the same restaurant for the fourth time in four weeks, there's only one thing that you can be certain of. With the most delicious food, amazing ambiance and cheerful staffs, there's nothing unsatisfactory about this eatery.

Vegans are also able to dine here without having to worry if their dishes would contain egg or dairy because at Brownice, they serve only 100% animal-product-free meals. Being a vegan myself, I always tend to be worry if my food will contain any animal products when dining at a restaurant that is not completely vegan.

Especially in Singapore, not many would be familiar with the term 'vegan', but 'vegetarian' is easily understood among many. The only downside is the fact that vegetarians consume eggs and dairy, so when dining out, most waiter/waitress tend to turn a blind eye on these ingredients, unless you specifically tell them that you don't take eggs or dairy.

At Brownice, you will be spoilt for choice. Even for someone like me, who has scanned through their menu a thousand times, I will still end up taking a long time to decide on what to eat. Whenever I head back, I would order a dish that I have never tried before (just to make sure I tried every single item on their menu)

On the bright side, I get to write this lengthy review and show you what Brownice has to offer :)

For starters, I tried their Truffle Mushroom Bruschetta. I have never tried truffled-anything except for truffle fries, so this was a really good combination to me :) 

Pizzas - who hates them? This was their Sicilian 'tuna' pizza, which was filled with tomatoes, olives, red capsicums, chick pea 'tuna' and vegan cheese. I love that Brownice's pizzas are thin crust and does not have a greasy feel to it. Most pizza joints have really greasy pizza and makes you feel heavy after, but I managed to finish one whole pizza at Brownice myself.

I have also tried their Verdure pizza, which is basically tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, capers, red capsicum and vegan cheese. Slightly similar to the Sicilian tuna, except without the 'tuna'. Just all vegetables.

My mum hates the taste and smell of cheese and she will always count herself out if there is pizza on the table. When I told her that vegan cheese does not have such a strong and distinct taste like regular cheese, she did not regret giving it a try :) See, even non-vegans can enjoy vegan food too!


Next up - Pumpkin Fusilli (My mum ordered this that night) A rather simple dish combining both the pasta and pumpkin sauce together. Not creamy, rather light taste to it. Does not have a distinct pumpkin taste, so non-pumpkin-lovers can also give this a try.

This is pictured on another day when I headed to Brownice with Ning (@chocolatexdiaries) during the Singapore Election weekend. The store was rather empty that night, and we managed to talk and have a lovely night. A few months ago, Ning asked me if I knew of any healthy cafes that she could work at.

At that point, I have yet to give Brownice a try, but I still recommended her to give the interview a shot. Glad she did because she's not loving her job :) That was also when I decided to push myself to head to Brownice and try it for once. Glad we both made the right decisions ;)

Pictured here: Regular fries - the name tells you all, nothing special.

Creamy Tomato Gnocchi - This was Ning's dish. She did not like the garlic in it (silly her told the waitress that she's okay with garlic when she isn't....). I tried a little bit of it, and I didn't really fancy it. I just thought it was pretty okay.

Penne Norma - Again, another simple dish. Pasta tossed with black olives, button mushroom, red capsicums and chick peas. Tasted like home cooked pasta. Rather satisfying and was perfect for me since I didn't want to have anything 'fancy' that night.

For dessert, I had Mudpie Ice Cream Cake. Ning told me the base is made up of nuts and date. It has a really thin base with 2 different ice cream layered on top of another. If you are a chocolate lover, you will love this. I found it a bit too rich after a while.. Probably because I had it alone, so I will recommend you to share this with someone.

The week after, I headed down to Brownice again with my entire family (sharing the love of vegan food hehe) and I shall write it down in another post else, this would be too lengthy! Watch this space xx

Brownice Italian Bistro
53 East Coast Road