Hic' Juice: Level 1 Reboot 1-Day Cleanse

I did a juice cleanse on Thursday and before you start exhaling "omg jas you're on a diet??" No. I am merely just cleansing my body the healthy way (by not starving myself) Basically you'll consume healthy organic cold-pressed juices for a day which will be replacing your meals. I had my juice cleanse with Hic'juice, a homegrown company that specialises in raw organic cold pressed juices. "Our cleanse program acts as a healthy routine maintenance tool for your body to detoxify through the wholesome ingredients you consume while at the same time allowing your digestive system and liver to get a much needed rest. You will be feeding your body with organic ingredients that are easy to digest and filled with live enzymes and vitamins, while eliminating processed sugars, alcohol, caffeine, carbs and meat from your diet. This shifts your body from an acidic environment to one that's highly alkaline and boosts your body’s immunity and helps it to fight inflammation"

It's super simple, convenient and easy. All you have to do is to replace your meals, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks with the 6 raw, organic and cold pressed juices that will be delivered to your home or office. Bear in mind to drink plenty of water, lemon water and even herbal teas in between juices. You can definitely carry on your everyday life as per normal but do get plenty of rest and try adding in some workouts like yoga, walking, swimming or spa treatments to aid in the elimination process. Leave the rest of the work to the juice and your body.

Once your body is free from the task of digesting solid food and instead, receiving the organic ingredients that are easy to digest and filled with live enzymes and vitamins, your body will gently shed the stubborn toxins and excess weight. You will feel lighter and healthier as well as more balanced, lucid and vibrant!

After the cleanse, you will also tend to be more conscious of the food you take, keeping the healthier path you started sustainable in the long run.

I had the Level 1 Reboot 1 Day Cleanse which is perfect for any newbies to juice cleansing!

You will receive your juices in a cooler bag and cleanse journal which Hic'juice has kindly included your cleanse schedule, cleanse pointers as well as a checklist! Super handy!

All the bottles are also labelled with their respective names and numbers. Super idiot-proof!

Hic'Juice uses glass bottles which are the most recyclable of bottle options, which are vital to preserving the shelf life and taste of their juice. Therefore, do recycle these bottles as well as the cooler bags.

Before the cleanse: There will be an email from the hic'Juice concierge informing you on the ways to prepare for the cleanse.

"To make your cleanse a more comfortable and effective one, we will encourage you to start preparing for it both mentally and physically. Preparing your mind and body for the cleanse will help you to receive as many benefits from the cleanse as possible"

Attached to the email is a copy of their "Preparation Guide" where there is guidelines and recommended steps to take before you start on your cleanse which can help to enhance your whole cleansing experience, and also, to achieve better end results.

It is recommended to clear your calendar while doing the cleanse because you would want to have a good sleep as well as consuming a clean and healthy diet before and after the cleanse.

During the cleanse: It was recommended to workout in the evening around 630pm but i figured i would still be in the office finishing up work so i switched up my schedule and workout when i woke up instead. But i guess i should have workout in the evening because towards the night i was feeling rather bloated :(

So other than the 6 juices you are supposed to consume throughout the day, you are also supposed to have plenty of water and preferably tea to curb your caffeine cravings. As i did not have any herbal tea on hand, i had water instead during my 'water windows'.

Breakfast/postwork was Juice #1: Popeye Smoothie I could taste the banana in this smoothie and it tastes similar to my green smoothies so I definitely loved this one. A great fuel for breakfast I’d say. There’s baby spinach in this one and I know not everyone is a fan of vegetables so if you’re afraid to give it a shot, don’t fret. You can’t even taste the spinach at all!

Shockingly, being quite a big eater for breakfast (I usually have a bowl of oats and fruits as seen on my Instagram), I was amazed that I didn’t feel hungry till lunchtime. As I take the train to work, I missed my first “water window” and I did feel thirsty but not tired. Yay! ☺

Remember to chew this juice though! ;)

Juice #2: 4 Carats I love how the cucumber gave this second juice a very refreshing taste. The taste of celery was slightly strong to me, so if you’re not a fan of celery you might have to go through this as a challenge for yourself.

I had juice #2 for brunch and by this time I would usually feel hungry and would reach for snacks like fruits or nuts but I wasn’t! I even felt a bit full after having my second “water window”.

Juice #3- Cool as a – This is similar to the previous juice except there’s no carrot but lemons. This juice was slightly lemoney-bitterish? But the taste of celery is stronger in this juice.

Okay now if you’re trying to stray away from this juice, just get it through! Incase you didn’t know, celery is a great detoxing vegetable so if you were to outweigh the pros and cons right now and contemplating on getting through this juice, just drink it! You’ll definitely love the benefits ☺

I was already feeling full when I was only halfway through the bottle. Just when I thought I would get hungry while doing this cleanse, I thought wrong. But this is good because I can start eating smaller portions too! Yay! And I haven’t had any cravings for anything yet *pats back*

Juice #4 – Lemon N’ Spice Before taking the juice, my stomach was already growling (oops) just when I thought I could make it through… what a joke jas….

And this juice really killed me bad. For someone who can’t handle spice, the cayenne pepper was so intense for me I had such a hard time finishing it. But I know cayenne pepper helps in detoxing too so I challenged myself to get the juice in by 30 minutes (the recommended time) in which i did *another pat on the back*

Juice #5 Took this juice around 615pm in the office which was around dinner time. And yummy!! This definitely helped my tummy to stop the spice from killing me (ya weakling can't take spice... okay...) To the non-veggy lovers, this would definitely not be a problem for you to get through. It's super tasty!

Kale is the "in" veg right now and you'll definitely see the huge rave about kale chips and kale smoothies everywhere online and that's because Kale is the "queen of greens" right now ;) Read about the benefits of kale here. I even started adding Kale into my green smoothies and i love it!

Juice #6 To be honest, i had my last juice rather late. About 30-40 mins after my scheduled time :( I left the office rather late (7pm) and i still had to make a trip down to Tampines to collect my sister's birthday cake and by the time i reached home it was already near 9pm! And while walking home with my sister's cake, the juice cooler bag, my laptop bag and my own bag (i looked like i was running away from home), my tummy was growling so bad and all i could think of was the nut milk i was supposed to have.

I read reviews online and how this was everyone's favourite. Maybe it was because i didn't take it as a post-workout and as this juice had lots of nuts in it, i felt so full when i was only 1/4 - 1/2 bottle through and it was too nutty for my liking. But i did like the taste of it though. The dates and cinnamon gave the juice just the right amount of sweetness and it was definitely such a treat after a long tiring day!

After the cleanse: Before you go partying or feasting right after the cleanse, think again. It's still important to have a clean diet because your body may go in shock when you re-introduce meat back into your system. So give it about 4-5 days before you start having meat again and do go light on your meals for the next few days after the cleanse as well.

Overall, i did enjoy my first experience on juice cleansing and i definitely did feel the small little changes like how i stopped having cravings for sweet items. If you have read my previous posts/you're a close friend of mine, you'll know that i'll always have something sweet after my meals. Even if it's a fruit or a raw dessert. But now, i don't even have the craving anymore and my portions have also gone a whole lot smaller!!

Back before the cleanse i would usually have about 3-4tbs of oats in the morning and would already feel hungry 1-2 hours later but now 2tbs of oats in the morning can last me much longer that it used to. Also, i stopped having any cravings or the urge to snack in between my meals. I'll just have water and i would already be full. Weirdly amusing.

I'm interested to try out a 3 day juice cleanse next month or the following month and see what more it can do for me if a 1 day juice cleanse already benefited me so much. Regarding weight loss, i don't weigh myself so i would not be able to tell you how much weight i loss though i don't think i would have lost much through a 1 day!


If you're keen on trying out Hic' juice for yourself do check out their following sites: Web: http://hicjuice.com.sg Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hicJuiceSG Instagram: http://instagram.com/hicjuicesg Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/hicjuicesg

You may also wish to read more about "why Hic'juice" here where they also tell you more about cold pressed juices.

Thank you Hic'Juice!