How to Make a Bowl of Creamy Oats - 3 Ingredient Creamy Oatmeal Recipe

A lot of people have the impression that oatmeal is bland, mushy and disgusting. When I was younger, I felt that way too. But then I realise, I have been making my oats wrongly the entire time! What I had done previously was merely adding water to my instant oats, nothing more. Then after adding this one simple ingredient to my oats one day, I never turned back!

Smoothies are my go-to breakfast, but when I am feeling a little under the weather, I love to make myself a warm bowl of creamy oats to warm up my body. It's like a way of telling my body "it's time to gear up"! 

I have experimented with steel-cut oats, instant oats and rolled oats. I read that steel-cut oat would give you the creamiest texture but personally, I do not like the taste of it. Some people prefer instant oats because it's simple to prepare - all you need to do is add hot water and stir. But again, it doesn't give you the creamy texture you are trying to achieve.

For this recipe, you would want to try cooking with rolled oats. If you don't take gluten, you can find gluten-free options; there are tons on the market right now. Simply find a brand that accommodates your budget!

Despite it sounding very complicated, it really isn't. All you need is only 3 ingredients! Therefore, let's call this the 3-ingredient creamy oatmeal recipe. Now, who doesn't love a simple one-pot recipe yea? *HIP HIP HOORAY*

With oat bowls, you can have them with different sorts of toppings that you desire; fruits, granola, yoghurt and even nut mixes. I usually go for fruits that are seasonal or that I currently have in my fridge. If I am feeling fancy, I would add some chocolate fudge or matcha sauce.

Ingredients & Method:

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup water
1 ripe banana
Dash of cinnamon (optional)

Note: Not everyone is a fan of cinnamon; hence I've highlighted it as optional. But cinnamon does help bring out extra flavour to your oats especially with the addition of bananas. Somehow these two ingredients gel well together. Feel free to experiment!

1. Mash 1 ripe banana in a bowl. Preferably you would want to pick one that's spotty to add sweetness to your oats.
2. In a pot, stir in your oats and water for 2-3 mins under low-medium heat. Ensure that oats are cooked thoroughly before adding in the mashed banana.
3. Once you have added the mashed banana into your oat mixture, stir well everything for another 1 min before taking the pot off the heat. Serve and top your oats with your desired toppings. 

If you recreate this recipe, do tag me in your post and use the hashtag #jaslyngohdishes. I would love to see your recreations and share my favourites!