Meat Is a Cancer Causing Agent?? / Is a HCLF Vegan Lifestyle Really For Me??

After switching to a HCLF vegan lifestyle, I never stop reading or researching more about it. I don’t refer to it as a diet because it simply isn’t. This is how I choose to live, I want to feel happy, energized and pumped up all the time. McDougall-Plan-for-Maximum-Weight-Loss     starch solution    fork over knives

So far, I’ve read Dr. Mcdougall’s book and watched Fork over Knives. I’m currently reading the starch solution and it’s really mind-blowing to have all these facts in front of you, teaching and educating the truth about a vegan lifestyle. It’s like an addiction. I need to read more, I want to know more.

I used to be one of those people who would cut carbs and eat a high protein diet because I’m a workout frantic. “I need more protein to let my muscles recover” “Chicken breast after a workout is the best” – yup that was me. And can you believe that I used to think carbs would make me fat? I would tend to avoid carbs all the time if I could. The only carbs I was willing to eat were brown rice and sweet potatoes, but in minimal amounts (not as much as I’m eating now)


For close to 2 years, that was how I lived. Watching over my food intake and reading the nutritional labels, making sure my calorie intake was kept at a minimum. I wasn’t happy – it was not only tiring counting calories, but getting that “perfect body” was all I was aiming for.

Then, it all changed when I watch Freelee’s video. I was so inspired by her words, her transformation and how determined she was to spread the vegan message. I was already on Instagram then, so from a “restrictive food account”, slowly it became one that was mostly vegan, and now HCLF vegan.

Since I was new to this lifestyle, there were loads to learn about. I searched about more HCLF vegan lifestyle videos, followed and subscribed to many other HCLF vegans. After reading Dr. McDougall’s book, I learnt so much that I was eager to share it with someone. Unfortunately, not everyone is a true believer and not everyone is willing to accept the fact that meat is actually harming the human body, instead of giving us what we call “protein”.

Watching Fork over Knives gave me a more in-depth look into this lifestyle:

  1. Meat is a cancer causing agent. Not only cancer, but even heart attack and heart disease.
  2. The milk from cows are not meant for human consumption. The dairy industry claims it gives us calcium, but this “calcium” is actually taking away calcium from our bones, causing osteoporosis.
  3. The human body strives on carbs. It needs carbs. This is why the older generation (those that survived or lived through world war) has never heard or encountered such diseases even cancer. Likewise, for people who are underprivileged in less wealthy countries, who don’t get to eat “royally”, they eat mainly carbs and vegetables but are still able to live a longer life. And they are in fact, one of the healthiest people alive.calorie-counting-vs-clean-eating2
  4. If you consume foods like meat, dairy products and even oil, your body will not get satisfied. You will crave for more food, mostly unhealthy foods, and this just adds up the fats consumed. Not only that, but getting your arteries clogged, anticipating a heart attack.

Plant Based Proteins

If you’re vegan, you don’t get enough protein!

Dude, you get protein from vegetables too!! Where do you think ‘plant protein’ comes from? The deal about getting protein from animals is a complete myth. People just don’t see that it’s actually harming their body.

With huge servings of vegetables and fruits, you don’t have to fear about ‘not getting enough protein’. If you were to read Dr. McDougall’s book or watch Freelee’s videos, they go more in depth about vegans getting protein from plants.


The common misconception that carbs makes us fat:

Why do many think that carbs make them fat? Only animal products will make you fat. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. You eat fats, you become fat (harsh, but true).

These fats do not get burned easily, and instead they’re being stored in your thighs and stomach area. This is why ladies see huge changes around those areas quicker than anywhere else.

Carbs, on the other hand, provide the body with energy. If I don’t have carbs, I will get sleepy really easily. That’s when I know it’s time to carb up, especially when meal time is coming. I’m eating a banana as I’m typing this (yay carbs!!!)

My body now strives on carbs, and I have never been happier. I no longer restrict, or calorie count. Times that I do, it’s only to make sure I’m getting in the calories that I need, else I’ll eat more. I love food, and I’m glad this lifestyle enables me to do just that. To eat.


Why HCLF vegans are able to eat more and not gain weight?

It’s because carbs DON’T make you fat. You will even lose weight after going on HCLF. My shorts / skirts are now looser, and it was nice fitting when I bought them. I’m on this lifestyle, not with the intention to lose weight. But it’s a win-win isn’t it? ☺

Being on this lifestyle will instead make you leaner and healthier than you’ll ever be. It can even help reverse cancer, diabetes, high blood and high cholesterol etc. Watch Fork over Knives if you don’t believe. Or read Dr. McDougall’s books and read what his patients feel after curing their long term sickness without any medication, just a change of their lifestyle and food intake.

Many have cured acne on this lifestyle, and I’m slowly seeing changes in my skin too! Just always make sure that you’re getting in loads of carbs, fruits and vegetables daily. You can never go wrong being HCLF.

I highly recommend newbies, like myself to do their own research, or watch youtube videos to learn more. It’s such an amazing community, and the reasons to be HCLF are endless! If you need help / have questions, you can always leave an ask on my tumblr or email me. I’ll be happy to help! ☺

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