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To be honest with you, i used to have a strong hate for peanut butter till this year. Quite hard to believe huh? There are SO many different ways to eat this gem! Most of the time, i'll even have it with my oats. It might seem like a weird combination to a majority of you but trust me, once you have a spoon of these two combined, you will want more. My love for peanut butter came back when i saw many clean eaters having it with apple slices as their snack.  So i searched high and low for healthy peanut butters in our local supermarket preferably only 100% peanuts. You heard me - 100% peanuts! You would not believe how elated i was when i found Adam's unsalted peanut butter at fairprice finest.

Back then, Adam's was only available in a few fairprice outlets. Now you can find it at most fairprice outlets.

Peanut butter has become such a huge craze right now that there are even entrepreneurs in Singapore setting up their own business selling peanut butter that contain no refined sugar, butter or oil! Sounds fascinating isn't it? Other than peanut butter, you can get your hands on almond butter, cashew butter and hazelnut butter!! (ooooo i LOVE nutsss) With so many companies popping up in Singapore, i decided to do a Nut Butter Directory in light to help you guys satisfy your nut butter needs ;)

1. Bud Of Joy


Providing pure and untainted artisan food with NO additives or synthetic chemicals, Bud Of Joy runs a simple down-to-earth bakery providing organic breads and baked goods freshly baked and handmade from scratch. They do not use any artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives, bread improvers, corn syrup or trans fat (wow that's a mouthful) All of their products are as organic as can be - not just the flour or the sugar. Even the oil, the cheese, the butter, the milk, the meat, the nuts, the fruits, the vegetables and other main ingredients are organic. Amazing isn't it? Adding on to the wow-ness, Bud Of Joy has workshops available to share how to bake without emulsifiers, bread improvers, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives!

Of course, their breads and cakes are not the highlights today. Their nut butters are ;) Using only 2 ingredients - certified organic nuts and Himalayan rock salt, Bud Of Joy brings you 3 different nut butters - almond, hazelnut and cashew churned fresh in their bakery.


  • Almond Butter Ingredients: Certified Organic Almonds, Himalayan Rock Salt Cost: $17.50/180g bottle
  • Hazelnut Butter Ingredients: Certified Organic Hazelnuts, Himalayan Rock Salt Cost: $18.00/180g bottle
  • Cashew Butter Ingredients: Certified Organic Cashews, Himalayan Rock Salt Cost: $21.50/180g bottle

Purchase: Walk-in / Online Delivery: Self Pick-Up / Delivery Charges Apply Delivery Charge: $8.20

Storefront Address: 71 Circuit Road #01-31 Singapore 370071 Contact No: 67487687 Email: Website: Facebook:


2. Nutteree


TV Producer by day, Janine started making almond butter as an alternative to peanut butter when she discovered an intolerance to peanuts a year ago. Having eaten PB sandwiches regularly, she always figured that it was her gluten sensitivities that were causing her to feel ill - turns out that it was the peanut butter too. And so, the search for alternatives began and Janine tried a few of the other butter options on the market. However, she couldn’t find a taste she liked and the products available were quite expensive so she decided to make her own.

She started by sharing her very own almond butter with her family and friends which became really well received. Then she started experimenting with more flavours by using different nuts. All the love and support led to the idea of starting up a small business in May 2014 and that's how Nutteree came alive.

There are 3 flavours currently available (Sea Salt Almond Butter, Honey & Sea Salt Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter) and each recipe contains only 5 ingredients or less and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives - none of the bad stuff and that's how it should be. Plus all flavours are available in Crunchee, which has added chopped nuts for texture and crunch.


  • Sea Salt Almond Butter - A pure, intense and creamy almond flavour with just a hint of sea salt. Can be enjoyed with crackers, bread, macarons, waffles, salad dressings, granola bars - you name it. Ingredients: Almonds, Sea Salt Cost: $14/190g jar
  • Honey & Sea Salt Almond Butter - A real crowd pleaser. Marrying sweet and salty flavours, it's perfectly balanced and simply delicious. It was this flavour that inspired Nutteree's tagline - best eaten with a spoon. Ingredients: Almonds, Raw Honey, Olive Oil, Sea Salt Cost: $14/190g jar
  • Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter - Naturally sweet hazelnuts complement the dark chocolate well. Ingredients: Hazelnuts, Valrhorna Cocoa, Raw Honey, Olive Oil, Sea Salt Cost: $16/190g jar

Purchase: Walk-in / Online Delivery: Self Pick-Up for free at Bedok MRT on Sunday morning / Delivery Charges Apply for delivery on Sundays Delivery Charge: S$6, no minimum order

Email: Website: Facebook:

Nutteree is also available at: Naiise - HipVan - Crateful  - | 1M Yong Siak Street (Tiong Bahru) Open from 10am-6pm *Crateful will be open till Dec 2014


3. Second Helpings


Second Helpings is a dream created by a loving couple addicted to good food. Their mission is to bring to you edible goodness that will never contain preservatives or artificial flavouring. Not to mention, Tannie from Second Helpings is one fine lady - bubbly and hardworking. "Why Beenut" you ask.. well, this is Second Helping's take on nut butters made with honey therefore it contains no refined sugars and preservatives. Thumbs up for healthier alternatives! Currently, there are 3 different flavours for you but Tannie said "more flavours coming up soon!" so stay tuned for their updates! ;)

Even though Second Helpings only launched in the beginning of this year, they have already been featured on Business Times, Wine & Dine and participated in tons of pop up stores and events including The Local People's Night Market.  So dig in, no one's watching... Have Second Helpings!

SecondHelpings (!L)

  • Ori Beenut Butter (Original) Ingredients: Peanuts, Olive Oil, Honey, Sea Salt Cost: Between $8/100ml Jar - $42/1L
  • Cocovan Beenut Butter (Coconut & Vanilla) Ingredients: Peanuts, Olive Oil, Honey, Sea Salt, Non-Sweetened Dessicated Coconuts, Vanilla beans Cost: $8/100ml Jar - $42/1L
  • B3: Black (Cocoa) Ingredients: Peanuts, Olive Oil, Honey, Sea Salt, Cocoa Cost: $8/100ml Jar - $42/1L

Purchase: Walk-in / Online Delivery: Self Pick-Up / Delivery Charges Apply / Free Delivery Delivery Charge: From $8

Storefront Address: TBD Contact No: 91449047 Email: Website: TBD Facebook: Instagram:

Second Helpings is also available at: SPR MRKT -

4. The Hunters' Kitchenette

Hunters' Kitchenette

Founder Herbert Salim created The Hunters’ Kitchenette for his wife Natalia as an extension of their daily life. The couple enjoys making delicious, healthy nut butters together for their family of two children. Through The Hunters’ Kitchenette, the Salim family adopts a hunter gatherer lifestyle and inspires the community to be street-smart and inquisitive about what they choose to consume. Its mantra is for everyone to take full control of their health with the right information and apply that to their daily lives.

They have been readily active in local events and fairs such as Public Garden, Takashimaya fairs and even The Local People's night market. This christmas, spot them at Orchard Central's Marketplace, Crateful and even at Temasek Polytechnic's Sports and Health Carnival. The Hunter's Kitchenette does not only have 1 or 2 flavours, but they have 6 flavours!

  • Almond Butter Cost: $14/jar
  • Cashew Butter Cost: $14/jar
  • Hazelnut Butter Cost: $16/jar
  • Hazelnut with Cocoa Butter Cost: $16/jar
  • Macadamia Butter Cost: $18/jar
  • Pistachio Butter Cost: $19/jar

Purchase: Walk-in / Online Delivery: Self Pick-Up / Delivery Charges Apply Delivery Charge: $6.00 for order below S$75.00 / Free delivery for order S$75.00 and above

Contact No: 65074560 Email: Website: Facebook:

The Hunter's Kitchenette is also available at: Whole & Hearty - Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street #01-84 Singapore 078877 Strictly Pastry -267 Joo Chiat Rd Singapore 427521 The Bread Project - 174 Joo Chiat Rd #01-01 Singapore 427445 Naiise -


Are there any local companies that i missed out? Feel free to share them in the comments below. I will be happy to check them out :)

Featured image credit: @samfranwong / SecondHelpings

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