October's BOXGREEN

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA BOXGREEN - a subscription box service may not be a stranger to many of you. I have written a review about my first ever box from them previously here: http://jaslyngoh.com/2014/08/review-boxgreen-august/ My favourite was the muesli breakfast bar. I remember having it as a snack in the office and it kept me full till lunch.

Now i'm back to tell you more about their latest box - the October box!

As usual, they are able to cramp in up to 4 packets of snacks making it delightful to open each time. My mum wanted to attack the macadamia and so i offered to share it with her :) She's a HUGE fan of nuts just like i am (i probably got it from her) and one of her ultimate favourite is the macadamia.



There will always be these A5 size cards included in the box that tells you more about your snacks received. All the interesting facts you never know of ;) The front on the card usually has cute quotes from BOXGREEN and once you flip it to the back, you'll see this! This month was 'Keep Calm And Nom Nom' printed in orange in light of Halloween! Cute :)


I reckon for this month, everyone would LOVE this Milo Dino Granola Cluster by Eastern Granola. I haven't had milo in YEARS! Yes, i'm not lying. Needless to say, i used to drink a cup of Milo for breakfast everyday back in primary school - definitely brought back nostalgic memories when i had this granola the other day. What was your breakfast back then? Was in Milo? I'm sure every mum would give their child Milo as an energy booster ;)

You can have granola in many ways! Here's how i had mine..

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Avocado banana smoothie topped with Milo Dino Granola and BOXGREEN's Just Macadamia. The nuts were fresh and crunchy - definitely a perfect combo. The granola gave my smoothie more crunch as well. Hehe.

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Just yesterday, i had pumpkin overnight oats and sprinkled some granola and banana slices on top. It gave my overnight oats more flavour and even my dad was impressed! ;) Try it out for yourselves if you don't believe me.

I've already planned out in my head what i'm going to have for breakfast tomorrow. I'll be going for a bowl of oats (the usual) and then i'll sprinkle some 'sunshine in a bag' on top of it. Did you know sunflower seeds helps in the complexion of your skin? I definitely need that!

More updates will be done on my instagram - @jaslyngoh :)

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