Rummaging through 'intheBOX'

Rummaging through this month's box from intheBOX - a quarterly wellness subscription box and it never fails to disappoint me. You will expect most subscription boxes to throw in only sample packs for you to try, but it's different with intheBOX. This quarter's box was filled with a handful of full sized items to try and that excites me. All of the items in the box are usually made with natural and organic ingredients - worth your every penny :)

The first item I took out was this body lotion from africa organics. It's a little sweet smelling, however, it's not overpowering. I love how it's vegan too! It's also convenient to bring around, and it'll definitely be in my bag wherever I go because I have really really dry hands.

Coconut oil from island of coconuts. Did you know, other than using coconut oil for cooking, you can use it on your face, body and hair too? I heard it acts as a really good moisturizer + hair treatment oil. I have yet to try it, but I do love the fragrant smell of coconut oil when I cook. It's much healthier than using regular canola/olive oil as well!

A pure olive oil soap bar from so true naturals. This kept my box smelling really fresh! I find that it smells similar to those soap bars you get in your hotel bathrooms hehe, or maybe it's just me. It's only made from one ingredient, so you don't have to worry about any sulphates and other chemicals being put onto your body.

Other bathroom necessities include this colour conserve shampoo by AVEDA. I don't have coloured hair, so I am giving this to my mum. From their site, it claims to be made with 100% organic aroma, definitely keeping your coloured mane shiny.

Other items include these tea packs from honey spree. Different tea packs have different functions - I received one which aids in tummy aches and the other, for easy digestion. Since I don't take honey, I'm giving this too, to my mum who often have tummy aches. Perfect :)

This body polish by Bali Mama smells of real frangipani flowers and it’s suuuuper creamy (you can tell from the picture below) But it also acts a bit like an exfoliating lotion or body butter.

You will also get different coupons and discount vouchers from various brands. Isn't it amazing how everything can fit into ONE box?!? If you are interested to get one yourself, head on over to intheBOX to subscribe today!

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