shu uemura skin purifier cleansing oil

No matter what, the only thing that i am willing to invest in would always be skincare. Skincare above everything. As you all know, I suffered from a very, very bad breakout last September and i am still on the road to recovery. There was this period where I was so desperate to find solutions to cure those acne scarring and I came across this beauty guru on Youtube who has the same skin condition as I do. I watched her home DIY videos and in this video you can see her skin condition and it's somewhat similar to mine.

Her recent videos however, showed a major improvement in her skin condition and it's because of this that i never stopped finding a cure for my skin. I also can relate to a well known local beauty blogger -bunbunmakeuptips ( who also suffered from a severe acne breakout after a facial that went downhill. Similar to ruby (the beauty guru), her skin condition has improved a lot.

It was not an easy time for me definitely. I suffered a lot. I break down every night because I felt so alone and ashamed and i would constantly question myself what I did to suffer from this. My skin wasn't perfect before this, I had a few blemishes here and there, but it wasn't so severe where i will have huge big red spots and scarring all over my face (on my cheeks especially). I will take pictures of my skin almost every other day to track my progress and i still keep the photos on my Mac. Whenever i view them, i'll have goosebumps all over.

My skin was HORRIBLE. I had breakouts everywhere. Active ones - big and small. Maybe when I've fully recovered from it, I'll post it up, but I'm pretty sure everyone will be grossed out.

I was definitely lucky to have a few friends by my side who told me not to give up hope and that I'll definitely recover from this. I'm grateful that they don't feel turned off when they talk to me. Can you imagine speaking to someone which such a bad breakout all over her face? And you have to keep a straight face while talking... Whenever people talk to me, I feel like wearing a paper bag/mask so that they can't see my breakouts and my skin.

It has been more than half a year (7 months now) since it all happened. My skin is making slow progress and i'm really satisfied. I feel that part of the credits would have to go to this clarifying oil from Shu Uemura. Many girls out there raved about this online. So, i went to the Shu Uemura counter at Robinsons orchard 2 months back, and the lovely sales assistant recommended me this.

POREfinist anti-shine fresh cleansing oil< He had so much confidence when he recommended me this. And it was also because of that tone when he spoke that made me walk home with this bottle. It is retailing at $50 (150ml) and it has got to be one of my best investments so far. Skincare > everything else

This gem right there helped my scarring to fade a lot. I also stopped having active breakouts frequently. I was super happy when i started to see results in 2 weeks. My skin started glowing and it didn't look so dull anymore. My acne wasn't as big as it was before and it was then that I realised that I've this beauty to thank.

*I now only have active breakouts before my period. On top of that, i only get 2-3 active breakouts during that time of the month, unlike previously where i'll get a new active pimple almost every other day*

Now that i'm on medication and cream, my skin has become super sensitive, especially in the sun, but this clarifying oil did not give me any problems. So thank god for that. Now I've to be really careful when putting on products on my face due to how sensitive my skin is now.

I went back to the Shu Uemura counter 2 weeks ago to purchase another bottle because the one I bought earlier is empty. I wanted to purchase the bigger bottle, but my bank account is crying so I can't... Or else I would have saved a lot.

If you're looking for a clarifying oil, i'll definitely recommend Shu Uemura. They've many different types as well and you can approach the staff to recommend it to you based on your own skin type/condition

Hope this helps!

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