Stay Healthy This CNY With Boxgreen

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you! I hope everyone is having  a lovely time, catching up with their extended family, relatives and friends. During this festive period, it is very difficult to stay committed to your 'clean' lifestyle and diet. You are bound to be faced with loads of traditional Chinese New Year snacks and mouth-watering dishes prepared by the host. It's alright to eat one or two, but remember not to over indulge in them. You may have seen this image below, telling you the calories of the various Chinese New Year goodies, circling around social media sites.

CNY snacks calorie

It takes loads of self discipline to stay away from all these snacks. Likewise for me, I would let myself have a maximum of two pieces of love letters, and I did not beat myself up because of that. I still wake up early every morning to do my workout, before heading out.

If you find it tough to stay away from these snacks that are high in fats and sugar, allow Boxgreen to help you out :) Like every month, you will receive four packets of amazing packed snacks. These snacks differ each month and they never disappoint!



And of course, sticking to the theme of the month, there will be a packet of Madarin Orange and Dark Chocolate Granola by Eastern Granola. I believe this is an exclusive flavour for this month :)  It already smelled so good when I ripped open the packet!!


Not forgetting the dark chocolate chips in there ;)

Of course, everybody loves their share of pineapple tarts, especially those that are homemade. However, they can have a strong butter taste to them (which turns me off) With Boxgreen, you can ditch those tarts, but still get your fair share of pineapples by having.....



PINEAPPLE RINGS!!! This would definitely be a better alternative to your traditional pineapple tarts :) I have a strong feeling I will be eating this with my oats, because why not?


Yay! Another packet of crisps?!?! Yes please?? This time round, these are soya crisps. Instead of reaching out for that bottle of Pringles, reach out to this packet of soya crisps instead! They are more nutritious than potato chips, making it a better and healthier alternative.

Did you know, on the 26th ofFebrauary is National Pistachio Day? (Thank you for the heads up Boxgreen!) So don't forget to have a fair share of pistachios on this day! Pistachios contain lots of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K!


Want a box for yourself? Simply head over to Boxgreen  and subscribe today! Boxgreen also kindly extended a discount code 'jaslyn20%off' for all my lovely readers and followers, so remember to use this code to get 20% your purchase upon checking out!

Have a great CNY!

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