Boxgreen - Healthy Snack Delivery in Singapore

Everyone loves a good healthy snack, but do they really know what's healthy and what's not? With Boxgreen, you will never have to doubt the snacks which get delivered right to your doorstep! Forget about munching away on potato chips while lazing on your couch, or sinking into a tub of ice cream if you need a perk-me-up treat. Stock up on healthier snacks in your home so you will never fall off the wagon.

If you have been following me for a while, you'd have seen my posts on Boxgreen last year :) Since then, they have introduced tons of new snacks to their pantry! So now, there are tons of options for you to choose from.

Remember to update your pantry monthly to be able to try the other snacks offered.


Notice the new packaging? They now come in super cute one-serving size packets!

The nutritional value of every snack would usually be listed out on the back. So, if you're cautious of your fat and sodium content, don't fret.

I started working with Boxgreen before I went Vegan, but even after turning Vegan, I found that their snacks are really Vegan-friendly. I would usually go for the veggie chips or mix clusters. Also, all the ingredients would be listed at the back so you'd know what's in your pack ;)


Veggie Chips x Apple Crisps x Pistachios

If you aren't a great big fan of vegetables, I reckon you'd still love the chips. They don't taste like vegetables at all, and plus this is perfect for those 3pm wake-me-up snacks in the office. I would usually grab some of these when I'm hungry.

But, do remember to hydrate yourself and drink tons of water when snacking on these chips! They can get really heaty so it's good to hydrate if you don't want to come down with a sore throat.


Since CNY is around the corner, you are also able to serve your guests with BOXGREEN's snacks since they do come in single serving now ;) Definitely much healthier than your traditional kueh lapis or egg rolls! BOXGREEN is also having frequent discount codes and giveaways on their Instagram and Facebook page, so do follow them to keep updated with the latest news!


Stay Healthy This CNY With Boxgreen

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you! I hope everyone is having  a lovely time, catching up with their extended family, relatives and friends. During this festive period, it is very difficult to stay committed to your 'clean' lifestyle and diet. You are bound to be faced with loads of traditional Chinese New Year snacks and mouth-watering dishes prepared by the host. It's alright to eat one or two, but remember not to over indulge in them. You may have seen this image below, telling you the calories of the various Chinese New Year goodies, circling around social media sites.

CNY snacks calorie

It takes loads of self discipline to stay away from all these snacks. Likewise for me, I would let myself have a maximum of two pieces of love letters, and I did not beat myself up because of that. I still wake up early every morning to do my workout, before heading out.

If you find it tough to stay away from these snacks that are high in fats and sugar, allow Boxgreen to help you out :) Like every month, you will receive four packets of amazing packed snacks. These snacks differ each month and they never disappoint!



And of course, sticking to the theme of the month, there will be a packet of Madarin Orange and Dark Chocolate Granola by Eastern Granola. I believe this is an exclusive flavour for this month :)  It already smelled so good when I ripped open the packet!!


Not forgetting the dark chocolate chips in there ;)

Of course, everybody loves their share of pineapple tarts, especially those that are homemade. However, they can have a strong butter taste to them (which turns me off) With Boxgreen, you can ditch those tarts, but still get your fair share of pineapples by having.....



PINEAPPLE RINGS!!! This would definitely be a better alternative to your traditional pineapple tarts :) I have a strong feeling I will be eating this with my oats, because why not?


Yay! Another packet of crisps?!?! Yes please?? This time round, these are soya crisps. Instead of reaching out for that bottle of Pringles, reach out to this packet of soya crisps instead! They are more nutritious than potato chips, making it a better and healthier alternative.

Did you know, on the 26th ofFebrauary is National Pistachio Day? (Thank you for the heads up Boxgreen!) So don't forget to have a fair share of pistachios on this day! Pistachios contain lots of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K!


Want a box for yourself? Simply head over to Boxgreen  and subscribe today! Boxgreen also kindly extended a discount code 'jaslyn20%off' for all my lovely readers and followers, so remember to use this code to get 20% your purchase upon checking out!

Have a great CNY!

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Thanks to BOXGREEN, I am always stocked with healthy snacks at home. In case you missed it, I filmed another un-boxing video for January's box on my Youtube channel (video below)

I thought it'd be interesting if i switched things up a little this month. So, I got two of my friends to film this video with me. Both of them are not clean eaters like I am. Therefore, snacking healthy or eating healthy was never in their 'dictionary'. But, hanging out with me often has definitely influenced them (hehe) and change their lifestyle a little (yay) They're starting to consume lesser oily foods. One of them started eating oats for breakfast and the other is currently obsessed with avocados. It's lovely seeing my friends switch to a healthier lifestyle. And I'm glad they're willing to make the switch step by step.

In the video, we stated our honest views and opinions of the snacks in this month's box. I was glad to see something different - vegetable chips! And both packets were my absoulte favourite! I need more :(

And like I said in the video, I was never a fan of apricots. So, it was my first time eating it in the video. And it didn't turn out to be as bad as i thought it would (phew)

If you'd like to get your very own box, head over to You can get 50% off your first box by entering 'jaslyn50%' at checkout :)

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October's BOXGREEN

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA BOXGREEN - a subscription box service may not be a stranger to many of you. I have written a review about my first ever box from them previously here: My favourite was the muesli breakfast bar. I remember having it as a snack in the office and it kept me full till lunch.

Now i'm back to tell you more about their latest box - the October box!

As usual, they are able to cramp in up to 4 packets of snacks making it delightful to open each time. My mum wanted to attack the macadamia and so i offered to share it with her :) She's a HUGE fan of nuts just like i am (i probably got it from her) and one of her ultimate favourite is the macadamia.



There will always be these A5 size cards included in the box that tells you more about your snacks received. All the interesting facts you never know of ;) The front on the card usually has cute quotes from BOXGREEN and once you flip it to the back, you'll see this! This month was 'Keep Calm And Nom Nom' printed in orange in light of Halloween! Cute :)


I reckon for this month, everyone would LOVE this Milo Dino Granola Cluster by Eastern Granola. I haven't had milo in YEARS! Yes, i'm not lying. Needless to say, i used to drink a cup of Milo for breakfast everyday back in primary school - definitely brought back nostalgic memories when i had this granola the other day. What was your breakfast back then? Was in Milo? I'm sure every mum would give their child Milo as an energy booster ;)

You can have granola in many ways! Here's how i had mine..

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Avocado banana smoothie topped with Milo Dino Granola and BOXGREEN's Just Macadamia. The nuts were fresh and crunchy - definitely a perfect combo. The granola gave my smoothie more crunch as well. Hehe.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Just yesterday, i had pumpkin overnight oats and sprinkled some granola and banana slices on top. It gave my overnight oats more flavour and even my dad was impressed! ;) Try it out for yourselves if you don't believe me.

I've already planned out in my head what i'm going to have for breakfast tomorrow. I'll be going for a bowl of oats (the usual) and then i'll sprinkle some 'sunshine in a bag' on top of it. Did you know sunflower seeds helps in the complexion of your skin? I definitely need that!

More updates will be done on my instagram - @jaslyngoh :)


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It's funny how i have always envied the health enthusiasts living in UK/USA because they have plenty of companies offering monthly health/lifestyle subscription boxes and to make it worse, they don't deliver outside their country. Recently, i discovered BOXGREEN - a monthly health subscription box that offers 4-6 natural or organic snacks for less than $20/month! So can you imagine my excitement when i received my August BOXGREEN in the mail yesterday? I have been waiting for it patiently for a week now and it's finally here!

These snacks are valued between $20-$30 so it's definitely worth it since your subscription fee costs less than that. The exciting part is that you are unaware of what's going to be in it and the best part? The snacks differ every month. If you can't get enough of them, you can also purchase these snacks individually on their online store which i believe would be launching in no time.

Btw, I am not paid for this.. I paid for the monthly subscription fee myself. I always think it's good to support such local entrepreneurs. And yup, I wasn't disappointed. Read on to find out what's in my August box!

August is the month where Singapore celebrates her 49th birthday, the brains behind BOXGREEN has filled this month's box with some cultural flavours and a superhero food for good measure (how cute?)

I found this packet really cute. In case you are unaware, cheng tng is a light refreshing soup with longans, barley, agar strips, lotus seeds and a sweet syrup, served either hot or cold. It is one of Singapore's famous and well like chinese dessert. Thus, it explains why there are dried longans, goji berry and lotus seeds in this packet. I absolutely love BOXGREEN's spin on this.

Other than that, i also received 2 other packet of nuts - "what the fig" and "greenflower power".

Fact: Figs have a type of antioxidant called phenols which contains heart disease and cancer-fighting properties. They also have high fiber content that will help keep you full for longer.

To be honest, i have never tasted a fig (don't laugh at me). Even though the girls i follow on Instagram have always been raving about them, i have just never got a chance to try it. I guess now would be a great opportunity!

Chia seed raw cacao nibs cluster? Wow, 2 of my favourites in one! BOXGREEN has got it right! As you know, i recently purchased a packet of cacao nibs from Bruneus and i love how this gem goes well with anything and everything! So far i have been eating it with my regular oats as well as using it as a topping for my smoothies.

Can't wait to give this cluster a try! Perhaps i will do a short review on it once i've done the taste test.

Lastly, i also received a muesli bar that is perfect for a quick and healthy snack. Or i could even save this for a day where i do not have the time to sit down for a hearty breakfast.

Now that you've seen what's in my August box, are you tempted to subscribe now? You should!

If you are not convinced enough, BOXGREEN sources their snacks from local trusty suppliers and other partner branded snacks are sourced mainly from the US or Europe. The size of each snack pack varies, but it is around an average weight of 80g, enough for 4 servings, or 20 - if you are a rabbit.

For more information, you can visit their website. Alternatively, you can check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.