Handmade Heroes - Vegan, All Natural Skincare Review

When it comes to skin care, we are all very particular about the brand we use. For example, sticking to a brand that works well on your skin and being hesitant to try another - sounds familiar?

For me, I am always willing to invest in skin care, especially since suffering from acne. I have tried various drugstore brands to 'high-end' brands, and I found that what works best for my skin is one which contains the least ingredients, and also as natural as possible.

Since being Vegan, I have been on a lookout for natural and cruelty-free products. The moment I found out about Handmade Heroes, I was SUPER excited. They are a local company based in Singapore, founded by Lynsey, a Vegan herself, so of course she knows her stuff ;)


All natural, free of preservative and parabens, completely vegan and cruelty free. Handmade Heroes makes skin care how all skin care product should be made. Away from a chemical lab, using the simplicity of the finest natural ingredients, Handmade Heroes products are nourishing and gentle on the skin.

Handmade Heroes sent me their products a few months ago, and after trying them out, I am finally drafting this review :)

All opinions are 100% true and I am definitely not being paid to say any of this. I have mentioned before tons of times that I would only work with brands I like/have a good cause and would never accept paid sponsorships if I don't like them.

The first product you would have seen on my Instagram - the 'Beauty Warrior Face Mask'.


Among all, this is my favourite product from Handmade Heroes. I love how it feels on my face and my skin is so soft after! There will be this tingling feeling on your face after applying it for a few minutes, before it starts to tighten slightly.

When rinsing it off, it also acts as a gentle exfoliator. I find that 1 scoop is enough for my entire face :) Don't rinse it off when it dries completely because then, it will be rather tedious to remove.

Coco-Friggin' Fantastic Lip Tint (French Rose) leaves your lips moisturized thanks to the coconut oil and cocoa butter in it. I am not a great big fan of red lips, so this is just right for me. It gives your lips a slight red tint, but it does not last long.

Coco-Friggin' Fantastic Lipbalm was actually given to me by my friend for Christmas. I actually prefer this to the lip tint because of the mint in it :)

Coco-Licious Luscious Lip Scrub is great for those days when you feel like your lips need extra exfoliation. The first time I used this, I found it quite hard to get the product out because it hardens together. I would just do little swirls with my ring finger, get the product on my lips, and lick it off after :)

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo is HANDS DOWN the best dry shampoo I have tried. I have used other drug-store brands before and it always leaves a white residue on my head making it seem like I have dandruff *rolls eyes*

I did not get that with this dry shampoo and I also like the smell of it :) I have quite oily hair, especially on second-day hair, but this helps control the oil and doesn't make my hair look greasy.

There is also a ton of other products on their website, so do check it out. They are really affordable and worth it! Now you don't have to fork out extra expenses to ship vegan skincare from across the globe ;)

Handmade Heroes