I always have these crazy ideas and plans in my head, but getting down to watch it come alive seems harder than I thought it’d be. Often I question myself if a desk bound job suits my lifestyle. I miss having the freedom to work out in the mornings, to create mouthwatering breakfast bowls to kick start my day – not for anyone else, but me.

I know that by starting my day with a good breakfast, I’d be able to have a better day ahead. I had all this time for myself when I was working at Nike part time as a sales associate. Now that I’ve a full time office job, I’m just dead beat tired, especially when I get home in the evenings.

I work out lesser now because most mornings I can’t drag myself out of bed, but some mornings I am able to wake up when my alarm goes off at 515am. Other than my sleeping patterns recorded by my Fitbit watch, it’s a no brainier that if you sleep early, you are able to get out of bed early. So, if I go to bed by 11pm, I only have around 2-3 hours to blog/create content which is not enough, at all. Because on some nights, I just feel like lazing in front of the TV watching local dramas.

This is where I’m caught in a whirlwind.

Where do I find the time to do the things I love? Time in the mornings always pass the fastest. Sometimes it feels as though all this hard work and effort put into my job now would not benefit me at all/in the future. I’m so tempted to get a stay-home job or make blogging my full time, but I know well myself that it’s risk taking. I can only suck it up, and remain with my full time job.

I miss writing, I miss creating content, I miss experimenting with ingredients and I miss creating recipes.

I hope there are still a few of you on here, secretly reading. I will make time for my blog, I promise. I’m already in the progress of improving the site. I will make a few changes here and there and make it easy to navigate for everyone.

Keep dreaming xx