Vegan Food Guide in Chiang Mai (Part 1: Top 5 Favourites - Vegan/Vegan-Friendly Restaurants)

Hello everyone! I am back from yet another hiatus. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone who is still keeping up with my blog. It's been months and I miss writing content on here and thought it's about time that I share my 'Vegan food guide in Chiang Mai' for those who are interested (or travelling there soon and would love to have some recommendations)

I was in Chiang Mai for 2 weeks in June this year. It was a really memorable trip, making new friends and forging unforgettable memories. I also went to a few different cafes to eat hence this guide would be in 2 parts.

Part 1 would be my Top 5 favourites and Part 2 would just consist of the other places that I went to.


1. Imm Aim Vegetarian & Bike Cafe


This is one restaurant where you will see huge groups of Vegans dining together. With large portions of food at affordable pricing, there is no doubt this restaurant is on everyone's 'List of Favourite Cafes in Chiang Mai'. My favourite is the 'Pad thai' and 'avocado sandwich'. In the entire trip, I probably visited this place three to four times. With so many items on their menu, you can't visit only once. Not to mention, the owner is really friendly too, so say hi when you are there!

Address: 7/3 Santirak Road [Near Santitham Temple] Chiang Mai 50300
Opening Hours: 10AM - 8PM


2. Happy Green


Now this is indeed every high carb vegan's favourite hangout especially during dinner. It's a buffet which also means free flow of carbs(!!!!) I can't remember the exact amount I paid for the meal... probably 200 or 250baht and it was so worth it. However, we went during lunch time so the selection of food was not so great but still decent (as above image) - the potato salad and Green Curry was my favourite. In my opinion, it is better if you head over during dinner time. You may also be able to meet new people and have a chat with them.

I heard you also get a discount when you come on a push bike!

Address:  4/3, Soi 3, Pa Daet, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100
Opening Hours: 9AM - 7PM (Close on Mondays)


3. Blue Diamond


The most visited cafe this trip has got to be Blue Diamond. Quite regularly, the girls and I will get breakfast here before starting our day. You cannot say no to the cinnamon rolls because they are SO good! Honestly the best ones I have tried! 

Blue Diamond is not a Vegan or Vegetarian cafe but they have tons of Vegan options especially for their desserts.

I also tried the Pad Thai and Khao Soi over at Blue Diamond and it is not too bad. It is within the old city so you will be bound to see other cafes while walking here. By Hand Pizza is also a walking distance from Blue Diamond.

They offer Free Wifi so you can sit in and chill with your smoothie ;)

Address: 35/1 MoonMuang Road, Soi 9, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Opening Hours: 7AM - 8:30 PM
*Do note that this is not a completely Vegan restaurant


4. Street Pizza and The Wine Houzz


Another Non-Vegan/Vegetarian place, but if you are a pizza lover you got to check this place out. I love the crust of the pizza as it's not too thick. Plus they use a stone oven to cook their pizza - Bonus! Simply request for no cheese and ask them to top your pizza with more veg! The staff are more than willing to do so :)

Address: 7-15 Thapae Rd. | Close to SCB Bank, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand
Opening Hours: 11:30AM - 11PM
*Do note that this is not a completely Vegan restaurant 


5. Aum Vegetarian


At Aum, there is such a wide variety of food that you will be spoiled for choice. Not to mention that the prices are rather affordable as well. Hearing how good the dumplings at Aum were, I decided to give it a try. I also ordered a Pineapple fried rice and Avocado Maki. The Pineapple fried rice was so-so and so was the Avocado Maki. But I do have to give it to the dumplings this time round. 

Perhaps I still prefer my sushi with white rice instead of brown and same goes for my fried rice. The food at Aum however, were cooked really healthily, no oil and not very salty too.

Great for those who are oil-free and salt-free, as well as the health conscious ones :) They have a cozy second floor sitting, great for hanging out with large groups.

Address: Tailandia, 319 Mun Mueang Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100 Opening Hours: 10.30AM - 8.30PM


These are my Top 5 favourite Vegan/Vegan-friendly cafes in Chiang Mai! More reviews of the other cafes I went coming up in Part 2 :) If you have been to Chiang Mai, let me know which are your favourites, and if you plan to visit Chiang Mai, I hope this will be helpful to you!

You can also check out my Youtube Channel where I vlogged everyday in Chiang Mai :)