Workout Routine

"I do tabata daily as my workout" "huh, what is that?" That is a phrase i hear so often from people ask me what do i do when i workout.

To put it in a simpler phrase, HIIT - high intensity interval training. You will do intense exercises for 40secs, rest for 10 and then repeat this circle for 20 minutes or more. My favourite trainer is Lisa from bodyrocktv.

These workouts are definitely not easily because they target the large muscle group areas which helps you to burn fat fast. Of course, you need to have self determination to push through the entire workout. When i first starting training with Lisa, it was definitely tough but i managed to pull through and i am loving the results and progress that i am getting. Bear in mind that it is all hard work and effort, it takes months or even weeks to see progress so don't beat yourself up if you don't see progress the next day. That's not how your body works.

Previously i had to flex in order for my biceps to be seen but now, i don't need to and i'm so so proud of myself for pushing on and never giving up. It is normal to backtrack and fall off the wagon and through personal experience, i have fallen off the wagon multiple times during the past few years but it's because of self determination that i decided to stop finding excuses and to be consistent.

Of course i am still far away from my goals and there is still a lot that i've to work on and i'm definitely not giving up! if i can do it, so can you!