My Eating Disorder Story

Everyone has a story to tell and here's my eating disorder story.

Am I proud of it? No. But, I wish to share this with anyone having a hard time accepting their body image, and struggling to see food as their friend instead of an enemy. I used to be so obsessed with being skinny when I was 14. Neither did I know that I was causing metabolic damage to my body.

Through this 6 years, I have learnt a lot, especially from the many different diets/lifestyle I picked up along the way. I believe it was through these experiences that allowed me to become who I am today.

I am now able to accept my body and love myself for who I am.

Watch my video down below if you haven't already. I explained my story more in detail there :)

Meat Is a Cancer Causing Agent?? / Is a HCLF Vegan Lifestyle Really For Me??

After switching to a HCLF vegan lifestyle, I never stop reading or researching more about it. I don’t refer to it as a diet because it simply isn’t. This is how I choose to live, I want to feel happy, energized and pumped up all the time. McDougall-Plan-for-Maximum-Weight-Loss     starch solution    fork over knives

So far, I’ve read Dr. Mcdougall’s book and watched Fork over Knives. I’m currently reading the starch solution and it’s really mind-blowing to have all these facts in front of you, teaching and educating the truth about a vegan lifestyle. It’s like an addiction. I need to read more, I want to know more.

I used to be one of those people who would cut carbs and eat a high protein diet because I’m a workout frantic. “I need more protein to let my muscles recover” “Chicken breast after a workout is the best” – yup that was me. And can you believe that I used to think carbs would make me fat? I would tend to avoid carbs all the time if I could. The only carbs I was willing to eat were brown rice and sweet potatoes, but in minimal amounts (not as much as I’m eating now)


For close to 2 years, that was how I lived. Watching over my food intake and reading the nutritional labels, making sure my calorie intake was kept at a minimum. I wasn’t happy – it was not only tiring counting calories, but getting that “perfect body” was all I was aiming for.

Then, it all changed when I watch Freelee’s video. I was so inspired by her words, her transformation and how determined she was to spread the vegan message. I was already on Instagram then, so from a “restrictive food account”, slowly it became one that was mostly vegan, and now HCLF vegan.

Since I was new to this lifestyle, there were loads to learn about. I searched about more HCLF vegan lifestyle videos, followed and subscribed to many other HCLF vegans. After reading Dr. McDougall’s book, I learnt so much that I was eager to share it with someone. Unfortunately, not everyone is a true believer and not everyone is willing to accept the fact that meat is actually harming the human body, instead of giving us what we call “protein”.

Watching Fork over Knives gave me a more in-depth look into this lifestyle:

  1. Meat is a cancer causing agent. Not only cancer, but even heart attack and heart disease.
  2. The milk from cows are not meant for human consumption. The dairy industry claims it gives us calcium, but this “calcium” is actually taking away calcium from our bones, causing osteoporosis.
  3. The human body strives on carbs. It needs carbs. This is why the older generation (those that survived or lived through world war) has never heard or encountered such diseases even cancer. Likewise, for people who are underprivileged in less wealthy countries, who don’t get to eat “royally”, they eat mainly carbs and vegetables but are still able to live a longer life. And they are in fact, one of the healthiest people alive.calorie-counting-vs-clean-eating2
  4. If you consume foods like meat, dairy products and even oil, your body will not get satisfied. You will crave for more food, mostly unhealthy foods, and this just adds up the fats consumed. Not only that, but getting your arteries clogged, anticipating a heart attack.

Plant Based Proteins

If you’re vegan, you don’t get enough protein!

Dude, you get protein from vegetables too!! Where do you think ‘plant protein’ comes from? The deal about getting protein from animals is a complete myth. People just don’t see that it’s actually harming their body.

With huge servings of vegetables and fruits, you don’t have to fear about ‘not getting enough protein’. If you were to read Dr. McDougall’s book or watch Freelee’s videos, they go more in depth about vegans getting protein from plants.


The common misconception that carbs makes us fat:

Why do many think that carbs make them fat? Only animal products will make you fat. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. You eat fats, you become fat (harsh, but true).

These fats do not get burned easily, and instead they’re being stored in your thighs and stomach area. This is why ladies see huge changes around those areas quicker than anywhere else.

Carbs, on the other hand, provide the body with energy. If I don’t have carbs, I will get sleepy really easily. That’s when I know it’s time to carb up, especially when meal time is coming. I’m eating a banana as I’m typing this (yay carbs!!!)

My body now strives on carbs, and I have never been happier. I no longer restrict, or calorie count. Times that I do, it’s only to make sure I’m getting in the calories that I need, else I’ll eat more. I love food, and I’m glad this lifestyle enables me to do just that. To eat.


Why HCLF vegans are able to eat more and not gain weight?

It’s because carbs DON’T make you fat. You will even lose weight after going on HCLF. My shorts / skirts are now looser, and it was nice fitting when I bought them. I’m on this lifestyle, not with the intention to lose weight. But it’s a win-win isn’t it? ☺

Being on this lifestyle will instead make you leaner and healthier than you’ll ever be. It can even help reverse cancer, diabetes, high blood and high cholesterol etc. Watch Fork over Knives if you don’t believe. Or read Dr. McDougall’s books and read what his patients feel after curing their long term sickness without any medication, just a change of their lifestyle and food intake.

Many have cured acne on this lifestyle, and I’m slowly seeing changes in my skin too! Just always make sure that you’re getting in loads of carbs, fruits and vegetables daily. You can never go wrong being HCLF.

I highly recommend newbies, like myself to do their own research, or watch youtube videos to learn more. It’s such an amazing community, and the reasons to be HCLF are endless! If you need help / have questions, you can always leave an ask on my tumblr or email me. I’ll be happy to help! ☺

Forks Over Knives Cowspiracy Doctor McDougall Freelee

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Why I Choose Veganism

A few years ago, being vegan/vegetarian was seen as an 'abnormal' diet. Not many people believed in it because, they believe that a human body needs meat/animal products to survive. But, that is NOT true. Just to share, I have been a vegetarian back when I was only 10 years old, for 2 years. No meat, but I still consumed eggs and dairy. I was also active in sports because tennis was my CCA in primary school. I had training about once a week, and I would also go for a swim every weekend. I was under the 'healthy weight' range even though I was vegetarian. I remember attending my primary 5 camp, my first school camp, and there was not any vegetarian meal option available. I was already a 'one year' vegetarian then, so obviously my body would not recognize meat when I placed it in my body. I felt so weird and disgusted after having that meal, and I remember rushing to the toilet immediately because I had such a bad diarrhoea. Since I was still young, I did not realise that it's actually a good thing that my body flushed out toxins automatically. Instead, I thought otherwise.


Additionally, as my Dad always had trouble getting vegetarian meals at his workplace, my family somehow decided to go back to eating meat. I remember I put on a few KG after that, and I felt more bloated often. I thought that was perfectly normal, especially since I had hit puberty age.

After going through different diet plans and lifestyle changes these couple of years, I decided to turn vegan last month. Before I made this decision, I watched almost all of Essena and Freelee's videos on Youtube, whom are both vegan. They are both really inspiring, and I really recommend beginner vegans to watch them!

essena-oneill-2 freelee

After being on a high carb low fat (HCLF) vegan diet for just ONE month, I have already seen so much changes in my body and my skin. Today, I am going to share with you 5 reasons why I choose veganism.

1. To Feel Healthier & Happier

I was on a Paleo diet before I turned vegan. People on this diet believe that they need lots of animal protein, especially after a heavy workout. I hardly ever consumed carbs, even good carbs like sweet potatoes and brown rice. Somehow, I had this mindset that carbs will make me fat, so I stayed away from all kinds of carbs. I would usually pack chicken, hard boiled eggs and vegetables to school during my breaks. Whenever I was hungry, I would snack on fruits or raw bars. However, I realised that I was gaining fats and most possibly tons of weight even though I workout 5-6 times a day.

I also stopped having tons of fruits with my oats for breakfast because I thought that the sugar in them was making me more lethargic. Because of this, I was constantly worrying about weight gain instead of being genuinely happy. In order to mask it, I constantly told myself 'it's muscle gain', clearly that's downright stupid and ridiculous.


After switching to a HCLF vegan diet, I consumed more carbs. Sweet potatoes became my staples. I also became less afraid of potatoes, brown rice, and even white rice (I stayed away from white rice for 2 years) I ate more fruits and vegetables. I had more variety of fruits in my oat bowls in the morning, much much muuccchhh more that what I had before. Surprisingly, I felt happier and more energized when I got out of bed every morning. I stopped feeling bloated, and started to see more definitions in my body. Why? Simple. No animal fats = no fats stored in the body. Of course, It's still going to take me some time to completely strip off that layer of fats, but nothing a HCLF vegan diet and consuming 2L of water everyday can't solve ;)

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegans are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure than meat-eaters are. Vegans get all the nutrients that they need to be healthy, such as plant protein, fiber, and minerals, without all the nasty stuff in meat that slows you down and makes you sick, such as cholesterol and saturated animal fat (source:

2. Say 'NO' to Animal Abuse

Have you ever wondered how you get your meat? What goes on in slaughterhouses? How you get your eggs and dairy products? Did you know that in countries like China, they consume dog meat? In Japan, you can find whale and dolphin meat in their supermarkets. How does that sound? Especially if you have a pet at home.

Watching Earthlings (Video below) will give you a glimpse of what happens in slaughterhouses. How you get your meat, and how the animals are being treated. This is also the documentary that my family and I watched about 10 years back, that convinced us to switch to a vegetarian diet. Watching it again, made me understand why we made that change.

I cried watching this. I even cringed... If you don't feel anything after watching this documentary, then I'm sorry to say that, but you're not human.

3. Cure My Severe Acne Condition

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I started getting my first active breakout after I came back from my primary 5 camp. My mum and my yoga teacher (oh yes, I practised yoga since young. I forgot to mention that above) noticed that I was getting a few bumps on my face, and my teacher even recommended me to a dermatologist that 'cured' her daughter. I was on antibiotics for about 3 months, and like what all dermatologists would say, they claim that it's my hormones acting up yada yada. (But now piecing everything back together, it was because I started consuming meat again, thus I suffered from acne breakouts....)

I was 'cured', but when I turned 15, I suffered another breakout. I did what I had to do - go back to my derma. Antibiotics again for another 3 months. Had flawless skin again till September 2013, when I started noticing small red bumps on my face again, and then it just got worse.... That declared my WORST breakout ever. Maybe I'll blog about this next time and show you guys how bad my face was. Literally my whole face (cheeks and forehead) was covered in cystic acne and red marks.

Started on a healthier diet which made it slightly better, but It didn't cure completely. I even visited my derma again and was on antibiotics for 5-6 months. Can you believe, it's been 2 years now and my acne has not completely go away? However, being on this vegan diet has made MAJOR improvements in my skin. Even my family and friends commented on it, and this makes me so sooo happpppyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

I stopped getting active breakouts (except during my period, but just one or two small ones) and my acne scars are also starting to fade away. And all I did was cut meat out of my diet (I haven't consumed dairy since 2013 after my bad breakout), especially chicken and seafood. Those 2 I find, are the worst for my skin. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink 2L of water everyday. Trust me, it makes SOOOO much difference to your skin!

Even Essena stands by it :)

And the twins, Nina and Randa!

4. Feel Confident in My Own Body

I wanted to stop feeling slobbish and I just wanted to feel more confident in my own skin. Even when I was on a Paleo diet, I couldn't help but feel really insecure in my own body. I even wore cardigans on super humid days because I wanted to cover my arms. THAT WAS HOW BAD IT GOT....

I knew this has got to stop because it was unhealthy for my mind. Being vegan has not only helped me feel confident in my own body, but my own skin as well. I no longer have to worry about covering my scars like I used to. Once you feel confident in your own skin, no one is able to tell you what you should or shouldn't do :)

5. Avoid Processed and Toxic Food

Flesh foods are loaded with dangerous poisons and contaminants such as hormones, herbicides and pesticides, and antibiotics. As these toxins are all fat-soluble, they concentrate in the fatty flesh of the animals. Not to mention the viruses, bacteria and parasites such as salmonella, trichinella and other worms, and toxoplasmosis parasites. (Source:

Processed foods also cause you to have acne. Try to avoid processed foods at all cost, because they're not real foods. They are loaded with chemicals, things that you do not want to put into your body. Especially not when you want to be the best version of yourself.


When you make the switch, you will realise that getting loads of nasty remarks and comments is normal, even from your close friends. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't stand up for what you believe in. A little tip: don't bother convincing your friends/family to turn vegan if they don't believe in it. They will always stay in their little bubble. Some may support your decision, others will mock you for it. Thankfully for me, I have a supportive family, and I have friends who respect my lifestyle change. It wouldn't be easy at first, but you will get there.

Remember to always be the best version of you, and stand up for what you believe in. Other people's opinion wouldn't matter once you feel confident in yourself! If you have reached the bottom of this lengthy post, thank you for that, you're awesome ;) This year, I plan to be more active on my blog, after all, I created it for a reason! And a huge thank you to all of you who stayed with me even though there was a period I was rather inactive due to my internship and final year in school. I can never thank you guys enough <3

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Stay Healthy This CNY With Boxgreen

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you! I hope everyone is having  a lovely time, catching up with their extended family, relatives and friends. During this festive period, it is very difficult to stay committed to your 'clean' lifestyle and diet. You are bound to be faced with loads of traditional Chinese New Year snacks and mouth-watering dishes prepared by the host. It's alright to eat one or two, but remember not to over indulge in them. You may have seen this image below, telling you the calories of the various Chinese New Year goodies, circling around social media sites.

CNY snacks calorie

It takes loads of self discipline to stay away from all these snacks. Likewise for me, I would let myself have a maximum of two pieces of love letters, and I did not beat myself up because of that. I still wake up early every morning to do my workout, before heading out.

If you find it tough to stay away from these snacks that are high in fats and sugar, allow Boxgreen to help you out :) Like every month, you will receive four packets of amazing packed snacks. These snacks differ each month and they never disappoint!



And of course, sticking to the theme of the month, there will be a packet of Madarin Orange and Dark Chocolate Granola by Eastern Granola. I believe this is an exclusive flavour for this month :)  It already smelled so good when I ripped open the packet!!


Not forgetting the dark chocolate chips in there ;)

Of course, everybody loves their share of pineapple tarts, especially those that are homemade. However, they can have a strong butter taste to them (which turns me off) With Boxgreen, you can ditch those tarts, but still get your fair share of pineapples by having.....



PINEAPPLE RINGS!!! This would definitely be a better alternative to your traditional pineapple tarts :) I have a strong feeling I will be eating this with my oats, because why not?


Yay! Another packet of crisps?!?! Yes please?? This time round, these are soya crisps. Instead of reaching out for that bottle of Pringles, reach out to this packet of soya crisps instead! They are more nutritious than potato chips, making it a better and healthier alternative.

Did you know, on the 26th ofFebrauary is National Pistachio Day? (Thank you for the heads up Boxgreen!) So don't forget to have a fair share of pistachios on this day! Pistachios contain lots of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K!


Want a box for yourself? Simply head over to Boxgreen  and subscribe today! Boxgreen also kindly extended a discount code 'jaslyn20%off' for all my lovely readers and followers, so remember to use this code to get 20% your purchase upon checking out!

Have a great CNY!

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Thanks to BOXGREEN, I am always stocked with healthy snacks at home. In case you missed it, I filmed another un-boxing video for January's box on my Youtube channel (video below)

I thought it'd be interesting if i switched things up a little this month. So, I got two of my friends to film this video with me. Both of them are not clean eaters like I am. Therefore, snacking healthy or eating healthy was never in their 'dictionary'. But, hanging out with me often has definitely influenced them (hehe) and change their lifestyle a little (yay) They're starting to consume lesser oily foods. One of them started eating oats for breakfast and the other is currently obsessed with avocados. It's lovely seeing my friends switch to a healthier lifestyle. And I'm glad they're willing to make the switch step by step.

In the video, we stated our honest views and opinions of the snacks in this month's box. I was glad to see something different - vegetable chips! And both packets were my absoulte favourite! I need more :(

And like I said in the video, I was never a fan of apricots. So, it was my first time eating it in the video. And it didn't turn out to be as bad as i thought it would (phew)

If you'd like to get your very own box, head over to You can get 50% off your first box by entering 'jaslyn50%' at checkout :)

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Nut Butters Made In Singapore

To be honest with you, i used to have a strong hate for peanut butter till this year. Quite hard to believe huh? There are SO many different ways to eat this gem! Most of the time, i'll even have it with my oats. It might seem like a weird combination to a majority of you but trust me, once you have a spoon of these two combined, you will want more. My love for peanut butter came back when i saw many clean eaters having it with apple slices as their snack.  So i searched high and low for healthy peanut butters in our local supermarket preferably only 100% peanuts. You heard me - 100% peanuts! You would not believe how elated i was when i found Adam's unsalted peanut butter at fairprice finest.

Back then, Adam's was only available in a few fairprice outlets. Now you can find it at most fairprice outlets.

Peanut butter has become such a huge craze right now that there are even entrepreneurs in Singapore setting up their own business selling peanut butter that contain no refined sugar, butter or oil! Sounds fascinating isn't it? Other than peanut butter, you can get your hands on almond butter, cashew butter and hazelnut butter!! (ooooo i LOVE nutsss) With so many companies popping up in Singapore, i decided to do a Nut Butter Directory in light to help you guys satisfy your nut butter needs ;)

1. Bud Of Joy


Providing pure and untainted artisan food with NO additives or synthetic chemicals, Bud Of Joy runs a simple down-to-earth bakery providing organic breads and baked goods freshly baked and handmade from scratch. They do not use any artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives, bread improvers, corn syrup or trans fat (wow that's a mouthful) All of their products are as organic as can be - not just the flour or the sugar. Even the oil, the cheese, the butter, the milk, the meat, the nuts, the fruits, the vegetables and other main ingredients are organic. Amazing isn't it? Adding on to the wow-ness, Bud Of Joy has workshops available to share how to bake without emulsifiers, bread improvers, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives!

Of course, their breads and cakes are not the highlights today. Their nut butters are ;) Using only 2 ingredients - certified organic nuts and Himalayan rock salt, Bud Of Joy brings you 3 different nut butters - almond, hazelnut and cashew churned fresh in their bakery.


  • Almond Butter Ingredients: Certified Organic Almonds, Himalayan Rock Salt Cost: $17.50/180g bottle
  • Hazelnut Butter Ingredients: Certified Organic Hazelnuts, Himalayan Rock Salt Cost: $18.00/180g bottle
  • Cashew Butter Ingredients: Certified Organic Cashews, Himalayan Rock Salt Cost: $21.50/180g bottle

Purchase: Walk-in / Online Delivery: Self Pick-Up / Delivery Charges Apply Delivery Charge: $8.20

Storefront Address: 71 Circuit Road #01-31 Singapore 370071 Contact No: 67487687 Email: Website: Facebook:


2. Nutteree


TV Producer by day, Janine started making almond butter as an alternative to peanut butter when she discovered an intolerance to peanuts a year ago. Having eaten PB sandwiches regularly, she always figured that it was her gluten sensitivities that were causing her to feel ill - turns out that it was the peanut butter too. And so, the search for alternatives began and Janine tried a few of the other butter options on the market. However, she couldn’t find a taste she liked and the products available were quite expensive so she decided to make her own.

She started by sharing her very own almond butter with her family and friends which became really well received. Then she started experimenting with more flavours by using different nuts. All the love and support led to the idea of starting up a small business in May 2014 and that's how Nutteree came alive.

There are 3 flavours currently available (Sea Salt Almond Butter, Honey & Sea Salt Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter) and each recipe contains only 5 ingredients or less and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives - none of the bad stuff and that's how it should be. Plus all flavours are available in Crunchee, which has added chopped nuts for texture and crunch.


  • Sea Salt Almond Butter - A pure, intense and creamy almond flavour with just a hint of sea salt. Can be enjoyed with crackers, bread, macarons, waffles, salad dressings, granola bars - you name it. Ingredients: Almonds, Sea Salt Cost: $14/190g jar
  • Honey & Sea Salt Almond Butter - A real crowd pleaser. Marrying sweet and salty flavours, it's perfectly balanced and simply delicious. It was this flavour that inspired Nutteree's tagline - best eaten with a spoon. Ingredients: Almonds, Raw Honey, Olive Oil, Sea Salt Cost: $14/190g jar
  • Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter - Naturally sweet hazelnuts complement the dark chocolate well. Ingredients: Hazelnuts, Valrhorna Cocoa, Raw Honey, Olive Oil, Sea Salt Cost: $16/190g jar

Purchase: Walk-in / Online Delivery: Self Pick-Up for free at Bedok MRT on Sunday morning / Delivery Charges Apply for delivery on Sundays Delivery Charge: S$6, no minimum order

Email: Website: Facebook:

Nutteree is also available at: Naiise - HipVan - Crateful  - | 1M Yong Siak Street (Tiong Bahru) Open from 10am-6pm *Crateful will be open till Dec 2014


3. Second Helpings


Second Helpings is a dream created by a loving couple addicted to good food. Their mission is to bring to you edible goodness that will never contain preservatives or artificial flavouring. Not to mention, Tannie from Second Helpings is one fine lady - bubbly and hardworking. "Why Beenut" you ask.. well, this is Second Helping's take on nut butters made with honey therefore it contains no refined sugars and preservatives. Thumbs up for healthier alternatives! Currently, there are 3 different flavours for you but Tannie said "more flavours coming up soon!" so stay tuned for their updates! ;)

Even though Second Helpings only launched in the beginning of this year, they have already been featured on Business Times, Wine & Dine and participated in tons of pop up stores and events including The Local People's Night Market.  So dig in, no one's watching... Have Second Helpings!

SecondHelpings (!L)

  • Ori Beenut Butter (Original) Ingredients: Peanuts, Olive Oil, Honey, Sea Salt Cost: Between $8/100ml Jar - $42/1L
  • Cocovan Beenut Butter (Coconut & Vanilla) Ingredients: Peanuts, Olive Oil, Honey, Sea Salt, Non-Sweetened Dessicated Coconuts, Vanilla beans Cost: $8/100ml Jar - $42/1L
  • B3: Black (Cocoa) Ingredients: Peanuts, Olive Oil, Honey, Sea Salt, Cocoa Cost: $8/100ml Jar - $42/1L

Purchase: Walk-in / Online Delivery: Self Pick-Up / Delivery Charges Apply / Free Delivery Delivery Charge: From $8

Storefront Address: TBD Contact No: 91449047 Email: Website: TBD Facebook: Instagram:

Second Helpings is also available at: SPR MRKT -

4. The Hunters' Kitchenette

Hunters' Kitchenette

Founder Herbert Salim created The Hunters’ Kitchenette for his wife Natalia as an extension of their daily life. The couple enjoys making delicious, healthy nut butters together for their family of two children. Through The Hunters’ Kitchenette, the Salim family adopts a hunter gatherer lifestyle and inspires the community to be street-smart and inquisitive about what they choose to consume. Its mantra is for everyone to take full control of their health with the right information and apply that to their daily lives.

They have been readily active in local events and fairs such as Public Garden, Takashimaya fairs and even The Local People's night market. This christmas, spot them at Orchard Central's Marketplace, Crateful and even at Temasek Polytechnic's Sports and Health Carnival. The Hunter's Kitchenette does not only have 1 or 2 flavours, but they have 6 flavours!

  • Almond Butter Cost: $14/jar
  • Cashew Butter Cost: $14/jar
  • Hazelnut Butter Cost: $16/jar
  • Hazelnut with Cocoa Butter Cost: $16/jar
  • Macadamia Butter Cost: $18/jar
  • Pistachio Butter Cost: $19/jar

Purchase: Walk-in / Online Delivery: Self Pick-Up / Delivery Charges Apply Delivery Charge: $6.00 for order below S$75.00 / Free delivery for order S$75.00 and above

Contact No: 65074560 Email: Website: Facebook:

The Hunter's Kitchenette is also available at: Whole & Hearty - Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street #01-84 Singapore 078877 Strictly Pastry -267 Joo Chiat Rd Singapore 427521 The Bread Project - 174 Joo Chiat Rd #01-01 Singapore 427445 Naiise -


Are there any local companies that i missed out? Feel free to share them in the comments below. I will be happy to check them out :)

Featured image credit: @samfranwong / SecondHelpings

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