No-bake banana chocolate fudge cake

When i posted the picture of my recent bake - No-bake banana chocolate fudge cake, i did not expect so many of you to be asking for the recipe! Thank you all so so much! All your comments made me really happy! This cake is not only delicious but it's healthy and easy to make as well. I promised you guys that i'll give you the recipe and so i squeezed out time to draft out this post for you. If it isn't obvious enough, i have a serious case of sweet tooth. Whenever i'm done with a meal, i'll always NEED to have something sweet after like a fruit / cake. This is a habit from young that i am trying to shake off but at times, i can't help but give in. Now that i'm eating clean, i will tend to stay away from pastries and have fruits instead or drink lots of water to distract my mind.So in order to stop myself from consuming those pastries that are loaded with butter, sugar, flour etc, i decided to bake my very own banana chocolate fudge cake! This is perfect for breakfast or desert or simply a mid-day snack.

No Bake Banana Chocolate Fudge Cake

Crust: 1 1/2 cups nuts (I used walnuts) 1 1/2 cups seedless dates (soaked for 10 mins)

Chocolate Fudge:
1/3 cup agave
1/2 med banana
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup cocoa/cacao
2 Tb melted coconut oil
2-3 ripe avocados
a pinch of salt
To make the crust, pulse nuts in food processor into crumbs. Add dates and pulse until it lumps together. Press the mixture in a pie pan and let it set in the fridge while you make your chocolate fudge.
For the chocolate fudge, blend all ingredients in a food processor/blender until smooth.
Slice 2-3 bananas (depending on the size of your pan) and place them just above your ready-made crust. Now layer on the chocolate fudge and more bananas if you please. 
Set it in the freezer for 15 mins and get ready to finish the whole pan in a hour.

Cinnamon Oatmeal

I am a cinnamonholic and i am definitely not exaggerating on this! I love cinnamon in my oats, cakes, muffins, pancakes etc. If you have never tried cinnamon oatmeal, you're not my friend (just kidding, but really?) If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that my daily go-to breakfast is chia seed cinnamon oats that's because it's healthy, filling and super yummy! I usually topped it with my favourite fruits and berries and sometimes a glob of peanut butter too!

Best part? It takes less than 15 minutes to whip this baby up!

Cinnamon Oatmeal Makes 1 serving

Ingredients: 1/2 cup quick oats 3/4 cup hot water 1 tablespoon maple syrup 1 teaspoon cinnamon

Directions: Mix in oats and milk/water together until mixture is cooked to desired consistency Add honey and cinnamon Stir and enjoy

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

It is undeniably true that i cannot live without having my oat bowls for breakfast every morning but other that oatmeal, you got to admit that nana ice cream is the best thing on earth! Nana ice cream is basically banana ice cream. This beauty is made up of only frozen bananas and best of all, it's vegan! Eating clean isn't all that bad huh?

Last week, i made myself a bowl of strawberry nana ice cream for breakfast and it was aaaamazinggg! I had my share with homemade granola and more banana.

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream Makes 1 serving

Ingredients: 6 frozen strawberries 1/2 frozen banana

Directions: Place all fruits into a blender/food processor You may need to add little bits of water to mix well Keep blending till you get a nice creamy consistency

Mixed Berry Pancake

Everybody loves pancakes, who doesn't? And in fact they are one of the easiest breakfast foods to make! Most of the pancakes recipe out there contains loads of dairy and i stop consuming dairy (acne skin problems) so for a period of time i was quite bumped out and depressed because i thought i wouldn't get to eat pancakes anymore!! One day i just decided to make my own pancake recipe because my feed was always full of them and i just couldn't resist! So after months of experimenting and creating a pancake recipe of my own, i finally came out with one that i really love! Moist and fluffy.. so so delicious.

Mixed Berry Pancake Makes 4-5 pancakes (1 serving)

Pancake: 1/3 Cup Spelt Flour 1 egg 1 tbs honey 1/8 cup water (or less) 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mixed Berry Drizzle: 1/2 Cup frozen strawberries 1/4 frozen blueberries 1/2 banana

Directions: Mix together the flour, baking powder and cinnamon before adding in the egg and honey Pour in the water slowly - depending on how thick you would like your batter to be I usually eyeball this step. I use less than 1/8 cup of water. Heat a non stick pan over medium heat for about 1-2 mins (depending on how long your pan takes to heat up) and add coconut oil. I use an ice cream scoop to pour the batter on to the pan (maybe about 1/8 cup?) Flip when you start to see bubbles, the other side would not take long to cook.

In a food processor/blender, blend together all 3 fruits till you get a thick consistency. Usually, i need to add in a little bit of water so it is easier for the blender to blend everything together Pour the mixed berry drizzle over the pancakes, topped it with more strawberries and shredded coconut

Blueberry Mango Overnight Oats

It has been awhile since i posted, how have you guys been? If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that i eat overnight oats rather frequently, especially when i have 9am classes or work the next day. Many of my friends have been asking me how do i cook my overnight oats and i thought i would share them today.

Overnight oats are perfect for those who have no time for breakfast. Basically, you cook the oats overnight and it's all ready for you to bring out the next day when you're rushing for work or school. And it's super yummy as well, promise!

Blueberry Mango Overnight Oats 1 serving

1/3 Cup Oats 1/2 Cup Milk of choice/water 1 Tbs Maply Syrup 1 Tbs Chia Seeds (Optional) 1/2 Mango 1/8 Cup Blueberries (or any fresh fruit of choice for toppings)

In the evening: Mix oats, chia seeds and maple syrup into a bowl, add milk and stir to combine Place the mango into a blender/food processor and puree until smooth Pour mango puree into the combined bowl mixture and leave it in the fridge overnight

In the morning: Add in blueberries

And that's about it! Pretty simple isn't it? It doesn't even take long to do.

Of course you can add whatever toppings you prefer, doesn't have to be blueberries. As you see, i added in blueberries and almonds for my preferred toppings.

Let me know if you try it!