An online business & A Youtube channel?

Hello everyone! It's been more than a week since my last post and i know i'm always apologising for not updating my blog frequently but there's really no excuse. I'm currently sitting on my couch, typing away on my laptop as i'm waiting for my oven to 'Ding'. Yes, i just baked! Baked a gluten free vegan banana bread - can't wait to taste it! As i'm in the office from monday to friday, the only days that i can get to experiment and bake is during the weekends and the weekends are also my only days when i can schedule posts etc.

The reason why i've been off my blog these days because internship has started. If you follow me on Instagram you would know i've started about 2 weeks ago. I feel really blessed and grateful in a way that i'm gaining a hell lot of experience than i expected to. Everyone in the office is so warm and friendly... i'm just really lucky.

Many of my friends had doubts about me interning here instead of accepting club 21's offer but i figured that being a retail associate is just not my thing and i wouldn't even enjoy internship one bit so why not just intern at a company i know i'll enjoy right? So i definitely have no regrets even though i take near a hour to travel back and fro from the office everyday.

I've been having plans of starting my own small business (shall not say much yet) but i'm still working out on the cost and the feasibility.. you know the things that you've to consider when you start a business? I don't intend to keep this a secret forever (duh) but i've been asking around a few of my friends for their opinion on this business idea and the amount of compliments and feedbacks i've gotten from them makes me more motivated and determined to make this work.

Now that i've hit 3K on Instagram (it's quite a huge milestone for me) i feel like i need to "up" my game by creating more recipes and posting more regularly. This is a passion of mine and of course i wouldn't want to disappoint those who are following me on Instagram right now. i don't want my feed to end up looking boring and dead so don't worry guys, more posts to come.

I also have plans to start a youtube channel where i'll post videos of my recipes and perhaps hauls etc so that it's easier if you would like to follow my recipes as well. I know it's quite hard at times when it's all in pictures and not a video form. That being said, i've already started filming one or two videos over the last few weekends and i've finally lug my mac home from the office so that i can edit these videos and start uploading them.

I'll definitely keep you guys updated. Thank you all so much for the lovely support. I wouldn't have today if it weren't for you.


2013 has got to be one of the best years i've ever had thus far. It's one of the years where i make decisions that changed my life, both in a good and bad way. This year had taught me so much and it's one of those years that are definitely worth remembering. It was around this time last year when i decided to start living healthy, start eating clean and be fit and i'm quite proud of myself for sticking to it. Though there are times that i stop but i still went back to eating clean. 2013 is also a year where i went through my toughest heart break. Yes, i fell out of love, got my heart broken, but because of this, i became stronger, i became more independent. I became who i am today and because of this, i've also started to see life in a better way. I guess sometimes some things happen along the way, just to teach you a lesson -  a lesson worth remembering. When i was going through this tough phrase, many were by my side and i'm super thankful for each and every one of them.

It was also one of my new year's resolution, to be a better person and i've been sticking to that ever since. Seeing my friends happy, makes me happy. Occasionally, i give them a treat. i even treated the chefs to fruit juices that day and they were so happy. haha, i guess a little really does go a long way. Sometimes when my friends tell me that i'm a very nice person and i'll find someone who'll appreciate me for who i am and all that, it makes me wonder if i'll ever find someone who'll love me for who i am.

In 2013 alone, i've worked at 3 different places. Quit udders in feb, joined Antoinette in april and then providore in july. I've met so many new people along the way and even got close to some. I've learnt a lot along the way as well, and i've never regretted going down this path. Though i'm pretty sure, in 2014, i'd be switching to a retail job.

I also got involved in a lot of school activities. And it's because of one activity that led to another. Started off being a b-guides and really loved the business family which encouraged me to join another business activity with the rest and become a SL. And it was also because of SL that i met more people and made more new friends - the number ones. I also got closer to simran and leland because of SL camp and to this day, i'm still glad that i still have them by my side. After SL, i guessed i really loved it a lot that i interviewed to be a programmer and i got in. One of the best moments ever. Made more new friends and get to work with more people. Really really created so many fond memories :) I didn't know what i was thinking then but after quitting touch rug, i decided to interview for the RMIG maincomm position and when i got in, i was so so happy and a little proud of myself. Though i was pretty scared of what was to come, i'm glad i made it through :)

Of course, in year 2, everyone had to change class and i was pretty bumped when fai, sophia and darius were in the same class except for me. But i was glad that i had shi and tiara. Became much closer to them over the past few months, and i'm going to be really sad when we change class in a few months time :(

Got to travel to 2 places this year, taiwan and bandung and i'm really happy to have this chance to go overseas with my friends. Taiwan was really one of the best trips i ever had and i can't wait for our graduation trip together in bali. I got to save up even more!

Loved every moment of 2013 and i'm quite excited for 2014. Year 3 and wow, time really pass so fast. My last year in poly and i really don't know what to expect and i'm pretty scared but i know i'll be okay.

I want to be happy in 2014. I'm not gonna let anyone take that away from me, not anymore.

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