Looking to stock up your pantry? Find a range of artisanal foods and dried goods here in the green directory.


In the spirit of celebrating cats from around the world, Kittea creates tea blends with flavours reflecting each cat's unique personality and place of origin. With a strong belief in playfulness, and powered by curiosity, go on a journey with Kittea to find tea worth discovering.

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Mekhala living

Dedicated to creating a better life with clean, organic, natural, gluten-free Asian-inspired food. Mekhala Living's products are authentic and made with no artificial additives.

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A modern health and wellness company, inspired by nature’s healing powers and the human body’s ability to mend itself.

w: http://www.mymaha.com


Poppy & Co

Bringing you organic Acai berry wild harvested straight from the Amazon forest, perfect for your healthy and delicious breakfast bowls.

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Selva Foods

Sourced within the jungles of the amazon and traversed across the globe to our shores. Selva Foods' artisanal batches of Açaí are handcrafted right here in Singapore.

w: http://www.selva.sg/



Sustenance is a delicious green smoothie shake made from plant based, whole foods. They combine all the aspects of optimal nutrition into a single serving in their shake making a healthy, balanced meal as convenient as possible.

w: http://www.sustenance.com.sg

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