"I need meat to survive! I cannot do without them!"

In U.S alone, 7.5 million people are thriving on a Vegan lifestyle - that's more than the population here in Singapore! If close to 10 million people in this world are Vegan, what makes you the only one not considering this lifestyle?

Most people think that being on a Vegan lifestyle is tough because they have to give up their favourite foods which they have eaten since they were young. On the contrary, being Vegan does not make you deprive at all! Simply 'Veganize' them by laying off the animal products. They are much healthier too.



Since we were young, we were taught to love one and eat another. We see dogs and cats as pets that need love and affection, but were taught to say 'yes' to eating cows, pigs and chickens. We were taught to say 'yes' to drinking cow's milk which were meant for their own offsprings to consume. So why should we segregate them when they ALL should be loved?

Cows, pigs and chickens have their own family and the want to survive. They could live for many years, but the human race has taken that away from them. The animals that live in the slaughterhouses do not even get to say daylight. They do not even get to live the life - to run free and to live free.  

If you were to go to the zoo or the farm and you see a cow or a pig in front of you. Would you think "oh hey! you are going to be my dinner tonight!" No, in fact you don't. Humans have compassion for animals and only have developed a taste for meat as we are force-fed it from a young age and are disconnected as to where it comes from. The only reason its desirable to the taste buds is because its been cooked up in oil, spices and herbs to actually make it taste good! You would not eat a raw piece of meat would you?



By not consuming meat, one person alone is able to save:

  • 401,500 gallons of water
  • 14,600 lbs of grain
  • 10,950 sq.ft of forest
  • 7,300 lbs of C02
  • 365 animal lives

*Based on one year of being on a Vegan lifestyle. 
Statistic Source: www.cowspiracy.com/facts

But if I don't eat meat, how do I get my protein?"

This is when we sound stupid. Meat does not give us protein AT ALL! It is what the meat industry wants you to believe - else where do they get their 'ka chings'?! When you eat a diet based on fruit, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes about 10% of your total calorie intake will be from protein. You have all the protein your body needs when being on a Vegan lifestyle.


Consuming too much protein is harmful—especially when it comes from animal sources. The animal protein push is not only based on lies, it’s killing us, luring us to feast on a rotunda of factory-farmed, hormone- and pesticide-laden, low-fibre foods extremely high in saturated fat. This is why heart disease is the #1 killer.


Drink more milk! Milk gives us calcium!

This is yet again what the dairy industry has set out to let people believe that milk gives us calcium. The irony? Milk takes calcium AWAY from your bones. People who consume loads of dairy are prone to osteoporosis. In fact, its processed with so much hormones that it triggers acne and weight gain.

What goes beyond the dairy industry.... The milk originally meant for the calf will be used for human consumption and the calf itself will either be slaughtered for meat (veal) or (most of the cases, since dairy cows don't have what it takes to be a meat cow) slaughtered as 'waste products’.

How to get calcium then, you may ask.

First, get sufficient vitamin D from exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is a key factor in calcium absorption, and the sun is the best way for us to meet our requirement. The key is getting sufficient sun exposure on our bare skin without getting burned. 

Second, exercise! When you exercise and do strength training you not only build muscle, you stress your bones—this makes them stronger. You can try walking, jogging or cycling!

Here are some Vegan resources that will help you understand this lifestyle better: